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Alias: Jessika
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Name: Jessika.
Nicknames: Jess, Cyaeris/Cyanide/Cya.
Birthday: December 26.
Place of Birth: Australia.
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn/Monkey.
Sex: female
Grade: 10
MSN Screen Name: - * jessika - - ` kiokushita ka ?


Hair Color: faded auburn.
Hair Length: long.
Eye Color: naturally green, blue contacts.
Height: five nine.
Glasses?: yes.
Piercings: getting lip soon.
Tattoos: getting scarred soon.
Righty or Lefty: righty.


First Best Friend: teagan.
First Award: best speller.
First Sport: round-robin soccer.
First pet: ferrets.
First Real Vacation: Bateman\'s Bay.
First Concert: none yet.
First Love: many.


Movie: V for Vendetta, 300 & The Marine.
TV Program: Gossip Girl & Viva la Bam.
Color: pastel pink & matte black.
Rapper: T-Pain.
Band: many.
Song Right Now: Konstantine, by Something Corporate.
Friends: all of them
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Will check for:
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Characterization
Status: Open
Category: Kingdom Hearts
About my services: Yo. I'm Cya the grammar nazi, and I'm making the fanfiction world better one homophone at a time.

My strong points in editing are Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation, as well as Characterization.

The two fandoms I'm most affiliated with are Final Fantasy 7 & the entire Kingdom Hearts fandom [1, 2, Re:Com, Final Mix.. etc].

I'm only accepting Kingdom Hearts fanfiction at the moment.

Also, when submitting a story for me to read, please specify if you're American; I'm Australian and we spell differently, so it would help me greatly if I knew which system of spelling to use. I do know how to spell the American way, because I am elite.

Keep in mind that I have a life. I check my email every day, but sometimes school, family or friends get in the way and fics sit in my inbox, chatting with emails from three or four years ago. Feel free to AIM or IM me on MSN to push me along. I won't eat you if you tell me to hurry my ass up and read faster.

I'm not wiz-bang with plottage - If you need help with keeping a plot interesting, I'm not your girl.

Lastly, tell me exactly what you want done. Is your spelling poor? Is your grammar weak? Do you need help getting a character's personality right? Specifying this will help me get the job done faster.

I'm a fast worker, depending on the length/depth of a fic. I'll accept any length, from drabbles to full-on novels with 50 chapters. Any content EXCEPT MPREG is fine with me. Rape, non-con, incest, gory violence.. I'm not fussed. Bonus points if your fic contains yaoi.

Status: Open for submission.
Will not read: I will not read any fics that include male impregnation. It makes me nauseous and I won't make any exceptions.
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