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About my services: I will pretty much beta anything, as long as I know the series well enough to. Though, there are a few exception, which I'll explain in the next box form thingy. But...*ahem* Moving on! Anything Naruto--the anime I know so well I could be asleep and name every single little detail in the episodes--is very welcome, because that anime is the strawberry filling in my panda-shaped biscuit cookies. Also, I do know a lot about Bleach, so fan fictions about that anime will also be lovely. Death Note is equally love, because they both hold second place in my heart. C: Uhmmm....well, I also have a lot of other animes whose fan fictions I could beta, but since I wanna keep this short, I'll just list the rest of them: OHSHC, Fruits Basket, InuYasha, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Rurouni Kenshin, and etc., etc. Though, I will mention now that while I WILL beta yaoi, yuri isn't my thing. XD; I could try if you really want me to, but as I find yaoi hot and I don't really roll down yuri lane so well, I'd prefer yaoi. Honest though, nothing against yuri or yuri fans!

Uhm...mmkay. So first, before you use me as your beta-er, you might wanna read further to see how I beta, right?

Well, to be honest, I can't make things sound soft very well. :| I tend to go really head-on on the point without hesitation, though I guess some people could consider that a good thing. If you really want beta-ing sugar-coated though, I could try. DX; Though, not making any promises. Uhmmm...for example, if something were to sound OC-ish to me, I'd probably go like, "Eek. Shikamaru sounds...OC-ish." And my attempt at soft would be, "O.O Oh, my. Shikamaru's a bit fluffy today. Maybe you could change that around a bit?" I just made that up, honest, but yeah, that's pretty much how I'd go. XD; Like I said, head-on.

But if you like what you're reading, then do message me. ;D
Will not read: Pairings I'm prone to be against. Examples of this would be GaaAnybody, mostly because Gaara is my number one favorite bishie and I'm very prejudiced, and besides no one good has come into the anime yet that would allow me to make an exception for them, and HitsuHina. Hitsugaya, I'll admit, is my favorite bishie from Bleach. Like I said, prejudiced. But I dislike HitsuHina with a burning passion. Mostly because Hinamori reminds me of pre-Shippuden Sakura, who I had a major grudge against until she hit Shippuden--funny how I'm using that word like puberty, right? 8D;--and actually did something. Unless, of course, you happen to be a very persuasive author when it comes to your pairing, and in that case I'd make an exception. ^^;;
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