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Jigokuchō (Hell Butterfly) are completely black butterflies, except for a small outline of red/maroon on the lower part of their wings, that serve various purposes in the manga/anime Bleach.

Butterflies: A sign of a journey; a symbol of change.

"Each affects the other and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one."

Updated: Monday, 2014 March 10

I don't know if anyone is going to read this, but...

1. I cannot write lemons to save my life.

2. This might be obvious, but as you all probably know, there are variations to song lyrics - especially translated ones. All of my song-fics are paired with Korean songs (K-Pop), so the English-translated lyrics of the songs may or may not be the actual translation and I might tweak the lyrics so that they make better sense in English. Please keep this in mind when reading my song-fics. No fringing on copyrights intended.

3. Since I completed revising my "Earth Laughs in Flowers" series, I'll try to start rewriting some of them (because honestly, I think they can be better)... But no promises.

!!! Not all of them will be rewritten, just a select few !!!

4. I'm a bit anal retentive and have OCD tendencies so I'll probably finish/complete any work in order (unless I am struck by inspiration), so if you want to read later works, chances are they'll be updated later.

5. Shit Life happens, so I might not be able to update as much as I want to. I'll try to update and write when I can, but I'm not sure how often that it'll be. Therefore, all of my works have been moved to hiatus for the time being. Thank you for your patience!

Work(s) in Progress:

A Fable of Clefable's Metronome - Hiatus.
*Note: Lately, my passion, flare, etc. for Lance has dwindled. It's become hard to write about Lance, so I'm not sure when this story will be completed. I will try to finish this story though because I hate it when authors stop/decide not to continue a story - Frankly, it pisses me off so I will try not to do that to you.

Earth Laughs in Flowers (Rewritten) - Hiatus.
+ Amaryllis Flowers (Marco the Phoenix)
+ Columbine Flowers (Marco the Phoenix)
+ Eustoma Flowers (Byakuya Kuchiki)
+ Gardenia Flowers (Kakashi Hatake)
+ Hydrangea Flowers (Luke Castellan)
+ Plum Blossoms (Jyuushirou Ukitake)
+ Sakura (Cherrry) Blossoms (Jyuushirou Ukitake)

Idea(s) in Progress:

*Note: Titles are subject to change.

*Note: These are just ideas - meaning that I may not even actually write them.

+ A Tale of a Ninetales' Curse (MortyxOC) - Side stories/chapters

+ A Saga of Rayquaza's Territoriality (Steven StonexOC) - Side stories/chapters

+ A Fable of Clefable's Metronome (LancexOC) - Side stories/chapters

+ Once Upon a Dialga (VolknerxOC) - Side stories/chapters

+ A Series of Unexpected Events:
1. Faith, Trust, and Volcarona's Feathers' Dust - NxOC
*Note: Lately, my passion, flare, etc. for Pokemon has dwindled, so this story is probably not going to happen... but we'll see. I have a habit of spontaneously becoming re-obsessed/passionate, so I might actually write it in the future.
But again, no promises!

+ [Series] Infinite Playlist (Songs by Infinite)
Including (but not limited to): Be Mine, Because (SungGyu Solo), 60 Seconds (SungGyu Solo)
+ [Series] SHINee Things (Songs by SHINee)
Including (but not limited to): Replay (adjusted to be from girl's POV)
+ [Series] To Anyone (Songs by 2NE1)
Including (but not limited to): Lonely, You & I (Park Bom Solo)
Including (but not limited to): Mona Lisa, Stay, Cry

Brief Descriptions of OC(s):

To Be Half of a Whole (Inception) - Amane ("Heavenly Sound/Sound of Rain")
+ Long, straight, dark (almost black) hair.
+ Piercing, frosty blue-gray (almost white) eyes.
+ Light, almost pale, skin.

A Tale of a Ninetales' Curse (Pokemon) - Haruka ("Far Off/Distant")
+ Long, straight, sky-blue (almost white) hair.
+ Pale, icy blue (almost white) eyes.
+ Light, almost pale, skin.

A Saga of Rayquaza's Territoriality (Pokemon) - Amaya ("Night Rain")
+ Long, straight, dark (almost black) hair with gold highlights.
+ Amber (almost golden) eyes.
+ Light skinned.

A Fable of Clefable's Metronome (Pokemon) - Shinju ("Pearl")
+ Long, straight silver hair with hints of pale violet/purple (almost pink).
+ Coruscating amethyst eyes.
+ Light, almost pale, skin.

Once Upon a Dialga (Pokemon) - Hikari ("Light")
+ Long, slightly wavy platinum blonde hair (more platinum than blonde) with sky blue highlights.
+ Sparkling, deep sky blue eyes.
+ Light skinned.

*Note: All OC(s) are slightly shorter and either the same age or younger than their lovers/partners.

:) Thank you for reading my stories! Reviews are greatly appreciated! (:
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