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About my services: I admit that, at first, I did not write very good stories. However, as I've grown, read, and written more, I believe I've grown as a writer as well. My aim for other authors is the same as my own - to help them improve so that they may be able to write well-written stories and become better writers.

I can honestly say that first impressions have a significant impact on me. If I had read your story (I will read up to five chapters to see how it goes) and did not find it interesting, I will tell you in the nicest way possible. If this is the case, I will give advice and suggestions to improve your storyline and/or other elements which I think will make it more interesting. Of course, I'm not trying to "write" your own story for you and, if you find me doing so, please tell me so that I may be more cautious of my actions. I'm not here to write your story, I am here to help you.

This leads me to my critique. I am a very nice person and I usually break things down to people truthfully but kindly. I will seldom leave very harsh critique and, honestly, I do not like extremely harsh critique myself. However, just because I like to break things down nicely does not mean I will put no effort in it to improve your story. I will try my absolute best.

If there is anything that you don't understand, I will explain my critique in detail. Please be mindful that I do have a life outside of fanfiction and that it may take a few weeks or a month for me to send back a chapter fully edited. I do not like any immature behavior.

My grammar and spelling are pretty top notch, although I will make mistakes every now and then; I am human. I also do well in writing details and creating story lines that flow nicely as well as characters. I've seen a number of original characters in my lifetime of reading fanfiction, so I am also good at catching Mary-Sues and helping to develop a well-rounded character.

English is not my first language, but I know my rules and speak it fluently. My main issue with grammar is run-on sentences. I am aware of this and I always check on my work to make sure that I am not leaving any errors. If you would like to put it in other words; I am a "comma-freak" as quoted by my History teacher.

I do not have a wide range of vocabulary, but I would say that my vocabulary is decent. However, I am always trying to improve my weaknesses.

I am always willing to help and please do not hesitate to ask for help! I'm actually a very nice person despite the formal and intimidating service explanations!
Will not read: I do not mind Yaoi (Boy x Boy Romance) but I will only read very light Yaoi. This means that I do not want any sexual content or making out... anything of that sort. I am not a fan of Yuri (Girl x Girl Romance), but my thoughts on it are like mine on Yaoi. I can't say that I enjoy cross-overs or character bashing either. Oh, and please no little inserts of Japanese or any other language into your story unless it is a story written in Japanese, etc. There are some exceptions with names or addresses, but if you put "Kawaii!" when you want to say "How cute!", that is an example of unnecessary insertion of a language just for the fun of it.
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