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Hi, I am Kamisori and I am a fan-fiction, gaming, and anime addict. Cx

[Updated as of 8/19/16]

If you feel the need to write something, but are not sure what, I'd love to read a good Deacon/Reader, Nick Valentine/Reader, or Shino Aburame/Reader. Fallout and Naruto forever!
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Status: Hiatus
About my services: I'll pretty much edit any type of story, if you ask me. Oneshots, ficlets, drabbles, short stories, and short poems will editted swiftly as possible. Chapters to multi-chaptered stories may take longer to edit depending on length. I take my time to be thorough with my work. When giving opinions and suggestions, I do not mean to be harsh if it comes off that way. Oh, and one last thing, don't drown me. ^^; Please send your story to me in an orderly fashion. It will make my job MUCH easier and will making editting your work go faster.

Will not read: 1. I, under no circumstance, will edit a lemon scene. D: Sad, I know, but it's not something I want my parents to accidently walk in on as I'm editting it. See my point? However, light limes are acceptable.

2. Yaoi and Yuri stories must be 17+ or under or I will not edit them. Pretty much for the same reason as number 1.

3. No incest, please.
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