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Title: Fixation
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing: Reader-x-Various
Summary: It was only a matter of time before you realized there was more to your relationship than you initially thought. [2nd POV]
Status: Complete

Title: Royal Pain
Series: Dragonball Z
Pairing: Eventual Reader-x-Vegeta
Summary: You were determined not to associate yourself with him, but fate had something different in store for you. [2nd POV]

Title: Shadows
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing: Reader-x-Hiei
Summary: Ever since the night I drop by a nearby café downtown with Keiko, my life hasn\'t been the same. No longer do I float along idly in my sea of routine. I can\'t...not with this ominous feeling I have that somewhere, in a sinister and secluded place with a nice bird\'s-eye view, his dark orbs are running over my form while he plans his next move. [1st POV]

Title: The Game of Love
Series: Naruto
Pairing: Reader-x-Kakashi
Summary:One minute you\'re a content, boyfriendless kunoichi living a virtually stress-free life. The next, you\'re assigned to a six-month mission with a famous shinobi. Things would be fine if it weren\'t for the fact you two are supposed to be married. [2nd POV]
Status: Complete

Oh don\'t mind me, it\'s just my SoulSilver self, yo~

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About my services: Well, anything you see above I'll read. The anime/manga I'm more familiar with are Naruto, Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho simply because I'm caught up with where the series stands. When it comes to editing, it's probably my strongest point considering I usually read fairly quickly and find errors just as fast. Of course, I do have favorite characters, and some may not be the easiest for me to judge whether or not they're in character (like Hisagi Shuuhei from Bleach) because they don't have much screen time and are hard to decipher. Other than that, I can usually tell whether or not someone is in character and how they would react to certain situations. I don't mind graphic violence, mindless smut, incest, insane fluff, yuri, crackfics, or anything of that nature. :D
Will not read: I really don't like yaoi or M-preg situations, so that's probably the only thing I will not read.
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