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* News *

I've been doing every month's fic challenge on here since it started and I can't say I wasn't tempted by the fic trade for this month. However, I simply do not trust myself to get anything done in time. So, to make up for that, this month (for me) will be 'Holy Shit She Updated' month. :p

I'm going to be pouring the majority of my focus into my current stories and finishing up the next chapters for them. In fact, some of the ones that are closer to being done might even get finished this month if I can help it. >D


Decided to spruce up my profile a bit and also give a little writing update. I am working on updating a lot of things, but I am also working on an entry for this month's featured challenge, plus a few new chaptered story ideas. As far as the new stories, I am looking to either finish a few things that are aleady posted first or completely outline the entire story and get several chapters finished before I start posting any of them.

I have way too many open stories at the moment, even if I don't count booklets.

The particular stories that I am working on presently and the kind of headway I have made in them are listed down below.

* Currently Working On *

Reader x Joker

23/27 Chapters
CH. 24 @ 9%

Lacuna Memoria
Reader x ???

13/36+ Chapters
CH. 14 @ Revision Stage

Going Down
Reader x Joker

3/10 Chapters
CH. 4 @ Revision Stage

Reader x Robert Goren

1/7 Chapters
CH. 2 @ Revision Stage

Reader x Daisuke Jigen

3/7 Chapters
CH. 4 @ Revision Stage

The Devil in Me
Reader x Pagan Min

6/7 Chapters
CH. 7 @ 67%

Night Terrors
Reader x Alucard

3/10+ Chapters
CH. 4 @ Revision Stage

The Slow Demise of Dolores Umbridge
Reader x Severus Snape

5/??? Chapters
CH. 6 @ Revision Stage

Reader x Richard Castle

1/5 Chapters
CH. 2 @ 88%

*Currently Planning *

Reader x Michelangelo

Status @ 2/6 Chapters

Reader x Roronoa Zoro

Status @ Drafting

Reader x Qui-Gon Jinn

Status @ Drafting

Reader x Loki Laufeyson

Status @ Outlining

Reader x Arlong

Status @ Outlining

Reader x Cain

Status @ Outlining

* Upcoming Lemons *

Reader x Sakazuki

Word Count @ 2117

Reader x Roronoa Zoro

Word Count @ 3121

Reader x Crowley

Word Count @ 2459

Reader x Spider-man

Word Count @ 3749

Reader x Hatake Kakashi

Word Count @ 3160

Reader x Dr. McCoy

Word Count @ 644

Reader x Kurotsuchi Mayuri

Word Count @ 1900

Reader x Iron Bull

Word Count @ 2449

Reader x Enel

Word Count @ 2151

Reader x Kuzan

Word Count @ 771

Reader x Son Goku

Word Count @ 1114

Reader x Gregory House

Word Count @ 963

Reader x Goemon

Word Count @ 1914

Reader x Bill Compton

Word Count @ 1012

Reader x Jon Valentine

Word Count @ 70

Reader x Jin (YYH)

Word Count @ 1636

Citrus Scented Bleach
Reader x Kurosaki Isshin

Word Count @ 1859

Citrus Scented Bleach
Reader x Ichimaru Gin

Word Count @ 1079

Citrus Scented Bleach
Reader x Kurotsuchi Mayuri

Word Count @ 722





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