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Shuushoku is the Coloration of the atmosphere from autumn foliage and it\'s an essential Japanese word in autumn.
I choose it because I prefer autumn than the other seasons. ^_^

Naru News - 14/11/11


-Still writing the pre-chapter of my KHR! story, click the link below for more info.

-If you want to see what I\'m planning for my new or current fanfics, don\'t hesitate to visit my LJ blog for more info: IchigoMilkshake

-Signed up on Twitter as Naru_Milkshake.


About Me If anyone cares

I\'m 17 and I live in France. I do not enjoy long walks on the beach or collecting seashells. I prefer staying at home, warm under the covers reading some good ol\' books.

Oh, how I love icons...and using banners. Sorry for the pink banner!

When I\'m not busy, I enjoy watching Asian dramas or listening to music. I listen to every type of music, but my preferences are Alternative, Rock, Jpop and...Classical.

I\'m of Asian and African decent, but you can say I\'m more African than anything else. So I\'m a Afro-European ! :D

I\'ve lived in America for awhile, so I picked up my English from there. Please excuse me if I ever make obvious errors D:

If I update really late, it\'s usually because of my lack of free time. Yay, High School! I LOVE DOING NOTHING. IT FILLS MY LIFE.


Ranking Time!

Top 3 Favorite Female Characters of the moment:

1°) Kagura (Gintama)
2°) Yuno (Mirai Nikki)
3°) Inga (?)(UN-GO)

Top 3 Bishies of the moment:

1°) Gintoki Sakata (Gintama)
2°) Yu Kanda (D.Gray-Man)
3°) Izaya Orihara (DRR!)

Top 3 Favorite Things at the moment

1°) Twitter
2°) Watching Fall anime
3°) Writing on my website, oromywhat on wordpress


-The Perfect Strawberry Cake : An Death Note Story (L) Chapter 5 - 0% Completion

-Ayumi Miyamoto: 19 years old;Sagittarius; Five months ago,has left Yamaguchi to go to Tokyo and attend university there. A girl who likes the new taste of freedom and is mostly egoist. She enjoys scaring people away and doesn\'t mind being weird. And she wonders why she doesn\'t have a boyfriend. She hopes to become photographer or something around that sector.
The unexpected appearance of her cousin pushes her into a world of suspense,mystery and death.

\"Welcome Miyamoto-san. I am Ryuusaki, otherwise known as L.\"

She wasn\'t prepared for this. At all.

- Her Many Expressions: Chapter 6 - 0%- Completion.


Dark green eyes looked on helplessly as two forms walked away. Gathering up courage, the owner of said eyes proceeded to yell at the forms:

“You guys come back, right? You won\'t die, huh?”

The larger form turned sightly, red eyes meeting hers and waved properly, bringing a smile to the green-eyed girl. The smaller form only gave a small wave from behind, without looking back.

They didn\'t come back.

-Le Fruit Défendu Chapter 10: 50% Completion. To be up soon!

It was a relationship doomed from the start. But you just had to bite the forbidden apple didn\'t you? Now you learn the hard way of loving.


Fanfictions to arrive~

L\'Année du Kitsune Fruits Basket

After finishing her education, Yoko moves from France and away from her grandmother to deal with her parents\' recent divorce in Japan. It seemed that her French father was caught in an affair with a young girl. After a short sejour around Japan, she decides to stay with her mother and help her take care of her younger sister, but life has other plans for her...

Sands of Time D.Gray-Man

Jacqueline and Amandine Marchand. One is a Kanda-obsessed doctor, the other is a taciturn exorcist. Two sisters, both in the Dark Order, refuse to acknowledge each other\'s existences. Allen, being the unfortunate boy he is, finds out a lot more than he should behind this simple fact.

The Pain Of Friendship DNAngel

Akira Tse loves Daisuke Niwa, her childhood friend. Not love as in romantic love, but love as in \'sibling love\', she thought. Her life takes a turn for the worst when she is possessed by Sui, a Hikari artifact that was meant to be destroyed centuries ago.

Faraway Dreams Kingdom Hearts

Jean had no idea how life went. What was the true face of reality? What was at the edge of the universe? Why did she exist?

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