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Hello! You have come to the profile of...*points* okay then! The profile of Da Ark In No Sense =D Kufufufu~ Hey! I\'m not crazy, I\'m just insane! Gosh, get it right...Anyways, a few things about me~

Meh, call me whatever...Hey! I know what you were just thinking! Watch your language!

Unless I\'m mistaken, I\'m a girl. I dearly hope that I\'m not mistaken...

Four days after a man named Saint Valentine was executed for helping couples elope. In case that wasn\'t clear, it\'s February 14+4, which is...good job! =D ...wait...I\'m pretty sure that I wasn\'t born on February fish. o.O

Otay then, now for some other stuff I need to say.
I do not own any of the animes I may or may not write about. *sigh* Wish I did...
Plagarism is bad. And not in the good way either.
Constructive criticism is good, flames are bad and nice comments will earn you a cookie~
I\'ll probably update slowly because of school and all.
And finally...if you give me a cookie (or any other sweet), then I won\'t kill you. Fair deal? I thought so.
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