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28th Dec 2015: I HAVE NO EXCUSE IM SORRY also I don't remember my tumblr login at all :(

7th June 2015: I'm not dead I promise www I'm in sports anime and sword boy hell also really busy lol sorry ;A; I will try my best but...

19th November 2014: My laptop broke... but I have lots of time now so I'll be trying to write from my phone. I have plans to update Primadonna Girl but as I already wrote some on the laptop I don't want to restart on my phone :C so bear with me Dx

1st October 2014: I'll start writing again on the 1st November so expect updates soon! I've been really busy and haven't had much access to a laptop either.

27th March 2014: I don't take requests for stories these days due to a lack of time, but please be respectful and don't leave reviews on ALL of my accounts asking the same question. Also please don't leave reviews that simply repeat a quote from the story, because I don't really see much point in that, honestly.

1st March 2014: Currently on hiatus for approximately 5-6 weeks (because exams).

24th Feb 2014: Got a beta reader for Infinities and Beyond - will be fixing characterisation in first three chapters soon (!!!) and yeah ^0^

Tumblr | Archive of our own | Ghosts of the Vanguard |

All banners have been edited by me. All artwork is not by me.

Remember, reviews are my sustenance! ;D

My updates forum is here.

Fics I will be updating regularly:

Infinities and Beyond

infinities and beyond

Takeshi x Reader x Kyoya

Rating: 13+

Uploaded: 5/?

Progress: 6/?

The 1st person OC version is being uploaded here.

Ad Libitum [coming soon]

Progress: Writing the first chapter

Detective and Officer

Various x Reader

Rating: Adult

Uploaded: 1/?

Written: 1/?


Erwin Smith

Erwin x Reader, slight Jean x Reader

Rating: Adult

Uploaded: 2/?

Progress: 2/?

Fics I might update, but very irregularly:

Look the Other Way

Note: being rewritten.

Taming of the Shrew; Love Doll; Eh? Aa, Sou.; MAGIcal and Petal by Petal on a semi-hiatus.

The rest are on permanent hiatus until further notice. There are some fics of mine which I particularly detest, however I am not deleting them purely because I've been requested not to. I assure you I will not delete any of these fics. The multi-chaptered ones are more unfortunate as I really have lost the muse to continue with them, which makes me mad because I like finishing things I start. Oh well.

Author's recommendations: Fics of mine that I am happy with~

Home is where Homra is

K Project songfic; Mikoto x Reader; 17+ rating

Read here.

Nameless Monster

Psycho Pass smut; Makishima x Reader; Adult rating

Read here.

Stop! Hibari-kun!!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn crack; non pairing; 13+ rating

Read here.

Take me to Heaven

Panty and Stocking smut; Genderbent!Panty x Reader x Genderbent!Stocking; Adult rating

Read here.

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