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Name: RainbowFlavoredRain
Alias: Chrystal
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Skin: Pink
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..::Monthly Announcements::..
**Moving again, this time to Daytona.**


..::About ME::..
I\'m 22, woo getting old! xD
My special day is July 24th (Leo)
i have this amazingly horrible problem with procrastination. it comes naturally i swear.
I\'m majorly nerdy, i think its a birth defect along with how much i love anime. :]
I\'m not really a girly girl but i like to play dress up. lol
but there is no doubt what so ever that and am as cute as i am crazy.
I\'m a very laid back kinda person as well as easy to talk to and get along with.
I love shiny things, kitties, bright colors and sushi.
You can easily persuade me with art work of anything cute or from any of the following animes and with shiny things.
I LOVE music. Let me say it again I LOVE music.


..::About Meh Writtings::..
well lets see, i have been writhing for about 4 or 5 years for friends but never thought they were good enough to post online. Then i decided i had nothing to loose so here I am. I do the research so I\'m hoping you guys like them. I\'m constantly learning and improving.

..::Some of my favorite things::..

*Texting ._. *
*Video games*
*being a smart ass*
*kareoke(when no ones watching :])*
..::Favorite anime::..

*Death Note*
*Invader Zim*
*avatar: The last air bender*
*Dragonball Z*
*Elfin Leid*
*Samurai Champloo*
*Full Metal Alchemist*
*Cowboy Bebop*
*Ghost in the shell*
*Black Lagoon*
*Tenjho Tenge*
*Panda Z*
*Happy Tree Friends*
*The Dancing Sushi*
*Final Fantasy VII: advent Children*
..::Favorite Video Games::..

*Ghostbusters: The video game*
*Harvest moon series*
*Mini Ninjas*
*Mario(Will always be #1)*
*God of war series*
*Ghost in the shell: stand alone complex*
*Prince of Persia series*
*Little BIG planet*
*Call of duty: MW2*
*Final Fantasy 5, 7, 8, 10, 13 & tactics*
*Kingdom hearts series*
*Eye Pet*
*Dance dance revolution series*
*bioshock 2*
*Jet set radio Future*
*DOOM 3*
..::Favorite Music::..

*Malice Mizer*
*The used*
*The Foo fighters*
*Panic! at the disco*
*Fall out boy*
*Sum 41*
*Blink 182*
*Asian Kung-Fu generation*
*Aqua times*
*Orange range*
*Head automatica*
*Utada Hikaru*
*Senses fail*
*System of a down*
*Ima robot*
*avenged sevenfold*
..::Currently obsessed with::..

*Renji Abarai*
*Kakashi Hakate*
* L *
*Edward Elric*
*Roy Mustang*
*Spencer reid - Criminal minds*
.:: OMG! I\'m a Bigamist! I couldn\'t make up my mind::..
..::Lyrics & Quotes::..

Well hereĺs another great moment in the legend of Spike, famous bounty hunter and dog walker [spike- cowboy bebop]

\"Please don\'t worry, Mister, I only came here to obliterate you- not rob you.\" [Excel - Excel Saga]
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