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Name: SingingCookie
Alias: Cookie
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Skin: Shinigami_Blue
Real Name: According to the signature on my drawings, it\'s Cookie

Age: 16

Occupation: Student

Birthday: July 11, 1994

Favorite Music: To be honest, I love any kind of music. Although, I don’t really like rap/hip-hop very much. If you were to look on my ipod you would find most of my songs to be either J-pop or Disney. I used to play the flute and am now currently playing the piano.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, going on the computer; a nerd and proud of it! I love singing, listening to music, playing music; basically, music is my life. I’ve been playing video games and shouting angrily at the TV when I lose ever since I was three. I also like to spend time with family (sometimes…) and cooking.

Favorite Animés: Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Axis Powers Hetalia, I would continue but I don’t want you to be stuck here for days…

Favorite Manga: +Anima, Kingdom Hearts (1, CoM, 2), Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Ouran High School Host Club, and many more.

Style: Um… I don’t really have a style. I just wear jeans and T-shirts usually… I really don\'t like dresses or skirts though. *shudders at the thought*

Romantic Status: Single… *sigh*

Other Random Stuffs
Loves to write one-shots (Fluff~ :3)
Can learn a song the first or second time she hears it (if I like it enough...)
Is a big Kingdom Hearts fan (*heart*)
Loves Disney movies much more than any sixteen old should (I think I like it more than my ten year old sister does)
Has a few Disney movies nearly memorized from watching them so much when she was younger (^_^; )
Mainly writes fluff because, as her friends like to put it, “she’s an innocent one”. (-_-V)
Loves anything related to fairy tales (explains the fluff doesn’t it?)
Desperately wishes to become a voice actress and likes to mimic voices to try to “stretch” her own (I’ve nearly perfected Yoshi, Jigglypuff, and Bulbasaur. And I’ve almost got Donald’s down…)
Is short, like, barely over five foot short (*sigh* Darn genetics…)

~*~The Journal Thingie~*~


Hello, all!

*sigh of relief* This has been a wonderful week…thus far anyway. My school got a four day weekend, today was a shorter day, and I’ve been having more plot ideas than songs in a Disney movie…okay, that was a bad analogy but I’m sure you get what I mean… And it’s mainly because of this play that was being shown at my school: the Cinderella Waltz.

It was so funny and it was fairy-tale based! :D I was very glad I got to see it.

Anyway, on to the actual story stuff!

I just posted the first real chapter of ALS (I consider the prologue a teaser). I kind of like it so far but I like the next chapter better! :3

I’ve started coming up with another fairy-tale story based this time off of Cinderella; but I’m sure if I’m actually gonna work on it because me and this plot-bunny are still debating. So I’m not too sure.

I also am starting to write a Kingdom Hearts story based around my characters from my Fear Itself one shot (Akira and Hikari). But this is still a work in progress. If I do put it up, it will take place after Kingdom Hearts 2, just to let you know.

And… I think that’s all the official stuff I have to say so see ya!


P.S. Actually, I shall leave you with this thing I wrote that I don’t think fits into a category on here…

Requirements to become a Disney Princess

1) Must have a sad back story (death of a family member, cursed after birth, etc.)

2) Must have beautiful singing voice and doesn’t mind using it. However, she must also not care too much about it, she must simply like to sing by nature.

3) Must be beautiful, inside and out.

4) Ability to talk to animals is a plus but not essentially required, must at least attempt to speak to them.

5) Curiosity is abundant, almost to the point of calling it nosy.

6) Must be gullible (believing in a ‘wishing apple’, following a random little green ball of light, etc.)

7) Relationship with (step-) parents is somewhat strained. Or a family member should have died (see number one)

8) Must be able to harmonize with a male singer (also known as the male lead in their respective stories.)

9) No siblings or far too many siblings (four or more. And stepsiblings don’t count)

10) If she goes missing, loved ones will never cease looking for her (or, in Snow White’s case, refuse to believe she has died)

11) Never realize how wonderful they really are.

12) If she is one of the princesses by birth, (like Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora etc.) she must not care about assuming the throne. Even better, she wants to find her true love not just some prince in a neighboring country.

13) Should have manners (“Now, step outside to wash, or you’ll not get a bite to eat.”[Snow White] “Oh! Excuse me; I’m, really, very sorry…” [Jasmine])

14) Must have a respectable dream (nothing like being filthy rich). Typically has to do with true love

15) Does not recognize a villain. AT ALL. (a creepy looking forty year old man [Jafar], a random old woman offering you an apple and refusing to take no for an answer[Evil Queen in disguise], etc.)

16) True love must notice her for her beauty and/or singing voice ex. Aladdin, Prince Phillip, Prince Eric, etc.

17) It is requested that if she is not a princess by birth or she doesn’t know that she is, she has something that sets her apart ex. Belle and her reading, Rapunzel and her long hair, Aurora lives in the forest and talks and dances with animals, etc.

18) If she has a stepmother or a family member that hates her, she should not have any hostile feelings. She must merely be upset and wonder why s/he treats her so.

19) Capable of falling in love after a single meeting.

20) The princess in question must not care about the possible age difference between herself and her true love. In fact, we request that this is completely ignored.

21) Typically innocent or at least very sheltered in some way.

If you (or an OC or whatever) fulfill all or a majority of these requirements (17 or more) then congratulations! You are capable of being a Disney princess! Not that you really care or anything (after all, you’re not supposed to realize how wonderful you truly are (see number 11). But still, it is a high honor. And, since you are capable of being a Disney princess, I’m happy to inform you that you will, someday, receive a happily ever after…! [1]

[1] I am not liable if you do, in fact, not receive a happily ever after. This was a joke and should not be taken too literally. But, seriously, if you do fulfill a lot of these requirements, then that’s pretty cool. I, myself, filled 16 (some I could not answer since I have never met my true love *cries in corner*) So yes, I am not liable if your happily ever after is misplaced in the mail and accidentally sent to your worst enemy.

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