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~~On hiatus due to being engrossed by a bunch of stuff at one time~~

My name is Alexis ((LEX)). I\'m seventeen - eighteen next month - and my current obsession at the moment is Lunaescence. Sadly, due to my poor attention span and mass amount of school work and my job, currently I can only really write drabbles or very, VERY short one-shots. Well, as life goes on...

My Fandom scares small children

Death is simply life\'s way of telling you you\'re fired.

\"Fan-girl rage!\"
\"I counter your fan-girl rage with my fan-girl repellent!\" *Takes out Loveless novel and throws it*
\"Oh my God, mine!\"

- Manga/Anime -

Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Air Gear
Tales of Innocence

I\'m in bit of a Shouichi smut craze, so I may be more into reading all of the yummy, yummy Shou-smut on Luna than writing as of yet. Or, my account will get flooded with Shou-smut. Whichever occurs first.

- Valentine Messages -

Dear LEXmerson,

Please, my beloved, come with me on a shitty journey to the deepest v****a of my seminal vesicle. Any fool could see that we\'re meant for each other; won\'t you join me in Hamilton and dance with me across the undulating p***s? The wait is too much to bear. Can\'t we just cast aside the formality of courtship and having sex like fapping toothpicks?

Yours truly,


Dear LEXmerson,

When I think of you, I get retards in my piss hole. Though it makes me feel ********, it\'s also exciting. Whenever we buttseckz together, it feels like all the angels in heaven are masturbating at once. How could one person make me feel simultaneously rock hard and hairy with nothing but a bat of the eyelashes and a raping of the nostril hair? I hope we can keep sodomizing together for 69 years.

vigorously yours,


((Favorite Valentines I have ever recieved, EVAR. XD Sam is so epic.))

I look up to you,
Steal me away with you,
\'Til one becomes the two.
Be my center, it will be much better.
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