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Updates and FYIs:

Break in the action from school means seeing if I can get back into the writing swing! So far so good...I think. Might see if I can get a few things written up and then get to posting a thing or two before I get sucked back in. Hope everyone's having a good holiday season!

Also, I started up a blog on tumblr! I'll be using it as a means to keeping people updated on what I'm up to, take questions, reblogging writing references, etc. Feel free to follow me! :) I can be found at:

Updated: January 7, 2016

Stories in Progress:

Shades of Bizarre
Captain America/Avengers
ReaderxSteve Rogers
Progress: 29/29 written, 24/29 posted
Status: Finished! Also have some post-SOB ficlets and whatnot in the wings, but those are coming out mighty slowly.

The Other Side
Gundam SEED Destiny
Progress: 37/?? written, 11/?? Posted
Status: Working on it. Currently about fifteen episodes from the end of the series.

A Case of Asymmetry
Thor/The Avengers
Progress: 9/30 written
Status: Currently writing but gosh darn it Loki is hard to write. OTL

Harry Potter
ReaderxOliver Wood
Progress: 15/?? Written
Status: On hold but probably one of the stories Iíll start posting when I finish SoB.

Gundam Wing
ReaderxZechs Merquise
Progress: 5/24 Written
Status: In progress but I find myself feeling inadequate at writing anything with even so much as a touch of politics in it. OTL

One Piece
Progress: 1/15 written
Status: On hold

Uta no Prince-sama Repeat
ReaderxNatsuki Shinomiya
Progress: 3/?? written
Status: On hold

Sin Mens Rea
Yu Yu Hakusho
Progress: 3/32 written
Status: Working on it at random.


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