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Hello, new friend! Or possibly old friend. I wouldn't know, it's not like I'm stalking you through your computer or anything.

Just call me Kami.

Okay, I don't know what you want to know, but I write stories sometimes. As of right now, not much, but please do enjoy the kind of miniscule selection I have at the moment while I try and scrounge up my lost thoughts.

::You a basic bitch, so learn your basic shit:: i mean youre not really a basic bitch, but you should know this about me.
Age: 18
Birthday: 21 February
Location: Northeast United States

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After this point, you'll just get updates from me.

:: 21 August 2014 ::
Alright, Iím about to head off to college in a couple of days, so I wanted to update quickly before I became enamored in homework and maybe real work.

I started doing this Free! drabble thing and I kind of wanted it to be similar to my UtaPri one, but that is definitely not going to happen. In fact, future chapters of God Damn These Idols (and by ďfutureĒ, I mean chapters past the 100-mark, since I have that many pre-written) might sound different, too, as I have unconsciously done an upheaval in my writing style. I have been out of practice for far too long and it definitely shows. Iím also finding it difficult to find topics for the Frees, so itís going to take a while for me to get a sizable collection, or at least enough for me to post one a week without worrying about running out of material. I have two chapters up to cover next week, so there wonít be much from me. If I post anything, it will most likely be for Idols.

In other news, I actually want to kind of talk about this writing style thing. Thisíll be really boring, sorry, but I kind of want it out on some sort of public forum so itís at least out of my head.

I completely understand how this change came around and Iím not sure if Iím okay with it or not. I know this might sound really fucking snobbish, so please excuse me, but I blame my AP Literature class I took in senior year of high school. I was forcefully exposed to high-class types of works and a level of literary comprehension you probably couldnít experience elsewhere (my home has some of the greatest education in the country). My teacher and classmates were really deep and pretentious thinkers, I must say, but it brought so much to light. Then thereís the actual style of writing in the books Ė I read a great chunk of translated classics, with extravagant style and whatnot, you know, everything those high-rated classics are known for (mostly pompous language and a dash of overly-pretentious lexicon). I came to despise reading outside of school.

After a while, I had some free time to go back to my hobbies, like watching anime and reading manga, which led me back into the world of fan fiction. I read a hefty chunk in my two-year hiatus, and I have to say that a good majority of that chunk disappointed me. It was all tell and no show or the vocabulary was limited and words were repeated constantly or whatever. It just wasnít the caliber of the bullshit I read during my school days.

That isnít to say I was expecting any to be, itís just that I thought that writers with more than an elementary level of understanding of writing would know how to bring about a compelling plot or at least revive an old, clichťd one. But it didnít happen too often. I ended up being overly critical of anything I wanted to read. Iím trying to get over all of this, though. All I can really say, from a reading standpoint, is that Iím glad Luna is a moderated community and has some, if not all, of the better written fan-works and original works Iíve come across.

In the end, though, I looked at my old writing style and I cringe, mostly. I understand that that is normal as one grows, but the old stuff kind of freaked me out. Now, Iím trying my damnedest to write more fluently and gracefully, but, weirdly, itís mostly unconscious. If something doesnít sound write or it sounds to stocky or whatever, I drop it. My vocabulary is getting just the itsy bitsy-est more flowery and Iím being more descriptive. The only problem is, is that this is all happening in a crack drabble series, where, honestly, I donít think thereís room to be eloquent. So, I must apologize if Babe, Water You Doing? seems a little too smooth for crack-type shenanigans.

/snobby bits.

On the anime front, I wrote down a ďCurrently WatchingĒ list, so maybe people could see where I am on the spectrum. I tend to mix in a few old series so I donít feel lonely in the weeks I watch things in serialization, which I donít do often in the first place. I made an exception (and am continuing to make exceptions for the Fall season) this year because of Free! and ZnT. Tokyo Ghoul, not so much. I stopped about five episodes in because it was a bit meh and I kind of hate that tsundere bitch, whatever her name is. Like, I thought she might start acting a bit nicer, but, nope, still a cold bitch with emotional openness problems. Like a lot of characters.

Iíd like to take a second to appreciate the anime-original that is Zankyou no Terror, though. A lot of people donít like it, I hear, because itís lacking in realism. In the sixth episode, I will give them that, since they fucked up the chessboard and all of that, but, otherwise, I think theyíre doing a good job. My first impressions were that Twelve was going to be a yandere motherfucker, Lisa was going to be useful or somehow relevant, and Five was going to suck. All of those were wrong. I was ready to see Twelve be evil, it would have been a breath of fresh air, but NO, heís genki and sweet as ever. I wanted Lisa to have some sort of not stupid role, and I definitely didnít want her getting all cozy with those terrorist boys. I wanted her to be proactive by herself, but all sheís proven is that she is entirely helpless and canít even bother how to learn to take care of herself. She is still relying on others. In fact, it took me a bit to realize this, but the ending of episode one, where Nine gives her that line about her life not being the same, she must have thought that they, the terrorists, would change her life for her. When she realized that that wouldnít happen, she finally made it out on her own, only for Twelve to come in and be some sort of hero.
And then Five. She happened. And, honestly, she is saving the show for me, as far as I care. I continue to look forward to her stupid hijinks and fucking around with Nine each week now. The only thing I dislike is the fact that sheís willing to risk casualties. Otherwise, I am all on board for some airport chess.
I honestly donít know what else to say, since there is so much to say about each episode individually. All I can say is that Iím disappointed with Twelveís and Lisaís development.

I guess thatís enough of my prattling on.

When I get all settled in at college and stuff, Iíll try to update stuff and write more for Babe, Water You Doing?

Some words of wisdom for future seniors and high schoolers in general: Enjoy this time as much as you can.
Freshmen: Alright, high school is going to seem just a little bit scary. I know itís a new place, probably, but youíll get the hang of it in no time whatsoever. Experience a lot of fun times, but donít go overboard with anything. Youíre still young, use it to your advantage.

Sophomores: You know a little bit more. I suggest that you go a little wild this year. I donít know, youíre in-betweeners. Youíll figure it out soon enough.

Juniors: Do your SATs and all of that THIS YEAR. Best year for any of it. You can still relax, but if you donít like your scores, you still have time to fix them. It should be noted that when CollegeBoard and anyone who says you can pick and choose which scores you want to send to college doesnít actually mean that you can choose X-score for math from the first exam and X-score for writing from the third exam. It means you just choose which test. I didnít know this, so I figured maybe others didnít.

Seniors: Apply, and apply quickly. If youíre an art major or looking to get into art school like I did, donít worry about early decision. Take time on your portfolio, but not too much. Make sure you like it. To be honest, I did most of my portfolio works the week before everything was meant to be uploaded, and some of them even the day of. I got accepted to a majority of the colleges I applied to (only five, so itís not a lot, to be honest), which shocked me, but I got in. Big note for art school folks, DO A LOT OF STILL LIVES or practice drawing what you see. All art colleges prefer to see that you can translate what you see in real life onto paper. MassART is a bit more lenient, but you have to be more creative with subject matter.
Yeah, Iím mostly filled with knowledge about applying to art colleges. They are a lot more fussy because they require a lot more than other colleges. Portfolios are difficult. It should also be noted that I did not attend any portfolio days or anything, I just did everything on a whim and on my own.
I donít know, if you have questions about applying to art schools (and especially which ones), Iím willing to talk. Itís very confusing and I would love to help anyone in need.

That's a lot of reading, I know, but whatever. Bye, for now, folks!
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