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hey all who are bored enough to come to my crappy profile!!! :D
you can just call me Twitchy, or Bunny, or whatever else you\'d like, cuz i like nicknames:D
anyways, back onto topic.
i write a lot of fanfictions, i just never get around to putting them on the net (and i have a problem with being slightly...self conscious of my ffs, if thats possible...) but i\'ll be trying to put some on here!
oh, and i wanna thank my buddy Mitkasuki Dice for reading all my ffs that im too scared to put on here, and (somewhat) forcing me to put some of my ffs on here^.^;
anyways, since i have no idea what else to say, ill just end it here! :D
p.s., anyone who\'s read this far, i love you!
p.p.s., anyone who has read THIS far, i loove you!!!
p.p.p.s., anyone who has read THISSS far, i LOOOVEE you!!!!
p.p.p.p.s., anyone who has read this far, and aren\'t annoyed yet, i really really really LOVVEE youuu(but not as much as i love Kanda and Ed of course~)
p.p.p.p.p.s., *POOF*.....the end.
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