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CURRENT STATUS: real life is kicking my butt right now so pretty much everything is on an indefinite hiatus while i try to catch my breath :( sorry! i love you guys and am so grateful for the support you've shown my fics!!! i'll try to get back in the writing game as soon as possible!

wife goals or life goals?

the artist formerly known as Lady Athena; currently conflicted as to whether i should delete my horrible old fics or not.

nvm i deleted them.

you can call me issa! i'm a lady, in the loosest sense of the word.

i'm sorry to say my macbook recently gave up on me after 6 years of brave service (which makes it sound like it's the computer's fault but tbh i spilled soup on it). this means that the three super long fics i was in the process of writing are all gone, and with them, my will to attempt rewriting them any time soon. but this does leave me open to explore new fic ideas, please don't give up on me!!

feel free to email me to chat or to ask for other contact options! let's exchange 3DS friend codes! let's talk about fanfiction! i'm shy but in need of writing inspo buddies ❤

note to all authors of fics i have favorited but not reviewed: i'm sorry!!!! i'm usually chill in text-only communication but my social anxiety really nervous when trying to figure out what to say but i do try to eventually come up with something ;;

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