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This is where I write to you; my fan\'s, my follower\'s, whomever you refer to yourself as. I am not new to writing - on the contrary, I\'ve been actively spinning a story since the day the doctor declared I took my first breath! (i.e. Ever since I was a teenager.) I am twenty now... Which I admit is old, but that does not mean that I don\'t still have my fantasies, or that I don\'t want to use my time writing versus goofing around doing something else that gives me little to no satisfaction. I might do requests. Though it depends on how much I know about a certain series; as I\'ve noticed most of the novels on here are about. I will now provide you with a compilation of series I am familiar with and that I would be comfortable writing characterxreader OR Original Character story for my audience. (I only do original character and reader. I find creating OC fun and entertaining, but I feel like fans would be more inclined to read with themselves projected into the story; though if I like your OC, I might take a request//challenge...) The list will go in alphabetical order. And just so we don\'t mistake anything, I know many more series. These are just the ones I would enjoy doing spin-offs of at the moment:

Black Cat (Watched the anime.)
Bleach (Watched up to episode 78)
DNAngel (Watched the anime. Read to volume 11 - though the manga is vague.)
D.Gray-Man (Watched up to episode 51 - really want the other Eng. Dub done to rest of series!)
Darker than BLACK (Watched up to episode 26 - clamouring for more!)
Fruits Basket (Watched all the anime - read all the manga.)
Fullmetal Alchemist (Watched all of original FMA. Working on seeing Brotherhood.)
Ghost Hound (Watched entire anime series.)
Ouran High School Host Club (Watched anime series - wish they would do the rest; read bits of the manga.)
Spiral (Watched anime series, read up to volume 4)
Wolf\'s Rain (Watched anime series; not sure if there is a manga for it...)

Also, I might challenge others to use my OC\'s. All you have to do is ask about my OC, but if I create a challenge, I will most likely provide necessary information beforehand.
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