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I\'m Diane (:

But I like to go by Eveline val Cade, or Evi, my pen name, (;

I am rather new to this website. I\'m excited to be here and I hope to meet a lot of people! ^^

I won\'t deny it. I write in accordance to my latest obsessions. (;

Things I like:
- Video Games. - Owls. - Penguins. - Cookies. - Writing. - Singing and dancing. - Sleeping. - Jabbawockeez! - Glow-in-the-Dark golf. (TAKE ME.) - Ice cream. - Good movies. - Liam Neeson. - NCIS. - Criminal Minds. - Doctor Who. - Pokemon. - Ginji Amano. - Ice cream. - Cold Weather.

Things I love:
- Pikachu. - Harry Potter (both the series and the character). - Hermione Granger. - Kaidan Alenko. - Garrus Vakarian. - Spencer Reid. - Spencer Shay. - Tony DiNozzo. - Leroy Jethro Gibbs. - George Weasley. - iPods. - Hamsters. - Pink. - Turquoise. - Disneyland. - Large cookies. - The Doctor (I will forever ship River x Eleven!).

Things I dislike:
- Stereotype rubber duckies - Liars - Fakes - Gossip - Rumors - Prejudice. - Stupid people. Actually, stupidity in general. - People who openly hate Harry Potter (Hey, man. If you\'re going to be my friend, you at least have to put up with me while I love it.). - Bad drivers. - Burnt pizza. - Dead flowers. - Many of Disney channelís shows. - FEET.

- \"Stupidity is not a handicap!\" - Me
- \"I BOUGHT IT, OKAY?!\" - Natalie
- \"You\'re my bitch, now.\" - Penelope Garcia
- \"Dammit, Tony. I should just take you home and get you in bed.\" - Kate Todd
- \"I\'d get the number changed. Women keep calling for \'Spanky\'.\" - L. J. Gibbs
- \"He\'s being a turd.\" - Ziva David

I love to live life, and live life to love. That\'s all! (:

If you need anything, just ask. I like talking and having fun conversations with people. I also hope you enjoy my stories!

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