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Hi, everyone!

I\'m new here on Lunaescence. I came across this after searching for good fanfiction sites (not Quizilla or and when I found this site, i was incredibly amazed at how awesome the stories are.

My quizilla and account is SunsetMoonrise. I haven\'t posted anything that i have from those sites yet, but I will eventually.I hope I can improve as a writer and reviewer here, so feel free to drop by and have a chat. I\'m not the most talkative person in the world, but I love to listen and talk whenever I have something to say.

Name: Kress

Age: 17

Height: 5\' (cause I\'m Filippino, and they are quiet short. If you\'re a tall Filippino, then I\'m jealous!)

I\'m a cat person, but my favorite animal is either the lynx or caracal. I also think ferrets are cool. I enjoy daydreaming, cooking, and long walks in the sunset. I\'m also a pega-sister (for those who know what that is: XD)

I\'m your average (tomboyish) girl who loves to play video games, read, write, draw, do anything music-related, and pretty much anything. I get a lot of morals/life lessons playing some video games (not to be weird or anything). But sometimes, they just help clear up my mind and make me think. It\'s quite enjoyable, actually.

Now let\'s see. . .

Favorite Video Games:

Tales of Symphonia

Tales of the Abyss

Kingdom Hearts


Skies of Arcadia

Fire Emblem

Persona 3

Super Smash Bros. I have Wi-Fi. XD. So if anyone wants to play, just message me...plz...

I\'ll try any game at all; I\'m pretty open minded when it comes to that.

Current Obsessions:

Lately, I\'ve been so obsessed with YGO 5D\'s. I\'m trying to watch the subbed, but I haven\'t been able to find any sites that work, so I\'ve been stuck watching the crappy dub version. T-T Sadness. . .

Jesse Anderson from YGO GX - Not only does he have an accent, but he also has the cutest duel spirit and an awesome deck! Ah, he\'s so lovely.

Crow Hogan from YGO 5D\'s - he and Jesse had the same voice actor, which kinda served as a beginning catalyst for my liking of Crow (everything starts with an attractive voice X3). He\'s definitely by far my favorite YGO character. The way he acts and smiles makes me so happy! If he were real, I\'d be all over him. XD

I love being outside; its so relaxing and peaceful. Sometimes I wish I could just live in a forest or something, but how gross would that be after awhile? Nature is so inspiring that I cant help but be happy. :D

I dont know what else to say, so maybe I\'ll update this again another time. Goodbye for now!
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