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21. English major with minor in communications. Loves animals, books, flowers, shopping, and other cliche girly things.

Anime/manga: Currently reading Bleach and Black Butler, have read/watched many others, including Ghost in the shell, Rurouni Kenshin, .hack//sign, Death Note, Panty And Stocking, many more.

Music: Anything interesting. If I like a song, I put it on my ipod. I literally have everything from Lady Gaga to Wye Oak.

Books: Favorite author is Victor Hugo. Prefers historical fiction. Favorite book is Les Miserables.

Games: Favorite series, hands down, is Legend of Zelda. Favorite game is Skyward Sword. Also play Left 4 Dead. Used to play Kingdom Hearts, but lost interest in it.

Shows: Criminal Minds, House MD, Star Trek VOY/TNG. Not a big fan of TV shows to begin with.

Ships: Many. Not all romantic. I\'ll ship a pairing if the the characters are gay in canon, otherwise, no yaoi or yuri whatsoever. My Bleach OTP is Byakuya/Yoruichi, my Zelda OTP is Ghirahim/Fi, and my Black Butler OTP is Sebastian/no one.
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