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Name: Moonbei
Alias: Marlene
Status: Author
Join Date: 06/21/07
Last Logged In: 05/06/13
Skin: Shinigami_Blue
Links: www _DA Moonbei
My Data:
Age: Early 20s
D.O.B.: Oct. 31
Height: 5\'3\"
Sex: Female
Current City: Bangkok, Thailand

If you\'d like to add me on FB, please add a note to the friend request that you know me from Lunaescence. I\'m also on the Unofficial Lunaescence FB Group (though I\'m not very active there, but I do read the posts occasionally). It\'s not that I\'m antisocial or anything, but I\'m simply not great at starting conversations. XD

I\'d love to make friends, so feel to come and chat with me. I\'d like to think that I\'m pretty friendly and easygoing. :) I\'d love to get to know more people here and make loads of friends~

On a side note, I\'m also on under the same username, as well as Quizilla. On Quizilla, you can see the old version of Stained Steel, which was titled Steel Heart. It\'s not great, but if you\'re curious to see what it was like before, then please feel free to have a look. ^^

Briefly about me:

Currently, I\'m in my senior year of university majoring in Performance Studies. Because my department holds semi-annual stage plays, my schedule is quite hectic, especially since I\'m one of the two directors managing the plays this year. I\'m also taking an art class, and with my snail-paced drawing speed, I tend to spend most of my free time drawing my assignments. So basically, my life right now revolves around directing and drawing.

BUT, somehow, I\'d like to try fitting in writing and reading on Luna somewhere in the mix. Thus, my updates will have the tendency to be slow, but each one is made after being carefully thought out with an added dosage of love. :)

I\'m always open to suggestions and gladly welcome feedback. Reviews make my days all shiny and sparkly when I receive them. ...Really. XD

In October, I\'ll be on break for a few weeks, so my updates will hopefully become more frequent (and hopefully by then, I\'ll be a validated author or get validated in that month). My workload should lessen in the next semester as well, even though the production will be larger. For now, I\'ll try to gather up as much material and write some drafts in preparation for my break so I can have a steady pace of updates~ In the meantime, I\'ll try to at least get something out once a month.

Thank you for bearing with me and for your patience. I hope that I can become more involved with the community sometime in the future and get to know everyone (or at least as many people as I can). ^_^

Current Story:

Stained Steel
Fandom: One Piece
Chapter 03 \"The Meeting\" is in the process of being written.
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