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Alias: Rhye
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---╳ about me--
╳ formerly known as RhyeSammich
╳ formally known as Chye
╳ Rhye [She/Her]
╳ 10/05 [Libra]
╳ 160.5 cm ; 5'3"
╳ Canadian/Vietnamese [MDT ; GMT-6]
╳ introvert [INTP]
╳ atheist
╳ thirsty-ass nerd trash

---╳ contact info--
╳ E-Mail:
╳ Ghosts of the Vanguard:
╳ Quotev:
╳ Tumblr:
╳ Nintendo Friend Code: 5026-4476-0345
╳ Mobile: 1(613)-702-3296.
╳ Facebook: Rhye KL

---╳ mild obsessions--

love it
╳ know it
familiar but not in love

╳ Anime/Manga
Magi: The Kingdom of Magic | Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ╳ Psycho-PassZankyou no TerrorHaikyuu!!Kuroko no BasukeShingeki no Kyojin [Anime]Ao no ExorcistFullMetal Alchemist | FMA: BrotherhoodKuroshitsuji i | ii ╳ Death Note HomestuckNaruto | Naruto ShippudenHetalia ╳ Bleach ╳

╳ Movies/TV
Brooklyn 99BonesWhite CollarLie to Me* ╳ Red vs. Blue ╳ House, M.DCriminal MindsSherlock BBCMerlin BBCSupernatural ╳ Castle ╳ Inception ╳ Star Trek: Reboot ╳ SuitsOrange is the New BlackGattica

╳ Books
The Long Walk ╳ Percy Jackson & The Olympians + Heroes of Olympus ╳ The Hunger Games ╳ I Am Number Four ╳ Harry PotterArtemis Fowl ╳ The Maze Runner ╳ The Kane Chronicles ╳ Miss. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children ╳ The Martian

╳ Games
╳ Metro PD: Close to You ╳ Destined to Love ╳ Samurai Ballad Love: Party ╳ Midnight Cinderella ╳ Layton Brothers - Mystery RoomAce Attorney Series ╳ Trauma Centre: Second Opinion ╳ Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones ╳ Super Smash Bros: Brawl ╳ My Forged Wedding | My Forged Wedding: Party ╳ Ghost Trick999 ╳ Animal Crossing: New Leaf ╳ Neko Atsume ╳ Re: Alistair++

╳ Music
Chet FakerGlass Animalsalt-J ╳ Fall out Boy ╳ Arctic MonkeysAlex Clare ╳ The Black Keys╳ Foster the People ╳

---╳ ongoing, on luna--

Chye's Request Booklet! [4/—]
Requests open!
╳ FullMetal Alchemist
╳ Reader x Roy Mustang
╳ [K to MA]

Kids [3/—]
I'll never grow up.
╳ Hetalia
╳ Reader x Various
╳ [K]

Vae Victus [4/—]
Woe to the fallen.
╳ FullMetal Alchemist
╳ Reader x Roy Mustang
╳ [M]

One for You and One for Me [10/21]
21 types of kisses — how many can a bunch of volleyball losers dish out to you?
╳ Haikyuu!!
╳ Reader x Various
╳ [T]

Just a Nameless, Stupid Girl [9/15]
How did you end up falling into a triangle of crazy, psychotic purple eyed freaks? Probably because you fell in love with one of them.
╳ Hetalia
╳ Reader x Male!Belarus/'Nikolai Arlovskaya'
╳ [MA]

1 Week [6/7.5]
He has one week to charm you into devoting the rest of your life to him. Good luck.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Phoenix Wright
╳ [T]

The Colour of Regret [1/11]
The ghosts of your past haunt every corner of your life like darkness that will not be extinguished.
╳ Psycho-Pass
╳ Reader x Nobuchika Ginoza
╳ [MA]

C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+C43H66N12O12S2 [9/30]
╳ Sherlock BBC
╳ Reader x Sherlock Holmes
╳ [T]
Chye Like You a Latte [8/—]
A personal dump for unfinished concepts, storyline-less one-shots, unedited or dead-end work, and my daydreams. (Because there's just too many of them.)
╳ Series
╳ Multi-fandom
╳ Reader inserts
╳ [K-M]

---╳ completed, on luna--

Dandelion [1/1]
Dandelions suck, and Kise's one of 'em.
╳ Kuroko's Basketball
╳ Reader x Kise Ryouta
╳ [K+]

Eye Contact [1/1]
Blue, black, brown — what colour were his eyes? You'll just have to look closely. Really closely.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Phoenix Wright, re-barred
╳ [K]

Experiments [1/1]
Unrequited love is merely a failed trial. Fine. It still hurts like hell.
╳ Haikyuu!!
╳ Reader x Tsukishima Kei
╳ [T]

Pizza Delivery [1/1]
You loved the greasy, fatty treat — but that didn’t mean you were going to start eating it every day. Were you going to start having dates with the blond? Probably not. But you didn’t know if you would totally object to daily pizza, either.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Klavier Gavin
╳ [M]

Stray [1/1]
Lovable, mischievous strays. You just can't get to decide.
╳ Haikyuu!!
╳ Reader x Tetsuro Kuroo
╳ [K+]

Did You [1/1]
One can only take so many fun facts.
╳ Bones
╳ Reader x Vincent Nigel-Murray
╳ [K]

Thank You, Doctor [1/1]
Thank you means 'I love you' in brilliant genius.
╳ Bones
╳ Reader x Zack Addy
╳ [T]

Where is He? [1/1]
Where does he go in Turnabout Corner when you visit his room without something to progress? I can tell you.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Hobo!Phoenix Wright
╳ [T]

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