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---╳ who am i?
╳ formerly known as RhyeSammich
╳ formally known as Chye
╳ Rhye [She/Her]
╳ heteromantic bisexual
╳ 10/05 [Libra]
╳ 160 cm ; 5'3"
╳ Canadian/Vietnamese [MST ; GMT-7]
╳ ex-flutist [Concert]
╳ introvert [INTP]
╳ atheist
╳ thirsty ass nerd trash

---╳ contact info--

╳ Email me at anytime! I'd love to talk with you!
╳ Cross-posts on Anywhere else would be stolen, so please let me know.
╳ Nintendo Friend Code is 5026-4476-0345; feel free to add me any time!
╳ Nobile number is 1(613)-702-3296. Text me, yeah?
╳ is on Facebook under the name Rhye KL. Add me!

--╳ @me---

╳ Reading: Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs
╳ Watching: Haikyuu! S2; Psycho-Pass 2; Akame ga Kill; Brooklyn 99
╳ Listening to: Death of a Bachelor [PATD]

---╳ i'm a fan of--

love it
╳ know it
familiar but not in love

╳ Anime/Manga
Magi: The Kingdom of MagicPsycho-PassZankyou no Terror╳ Neon Genesis Evangelion ╳ Elfen Lied ╳ Haikyuu!!Kuroko no Basuke ╳ Dangan Ronpa [Anime] ╳ Shingeki no Kyojin [Anime] ╳ Ao no ExorcistFullMetal Alchemist | FMA: BrotherhoodMagi: The Labyrinth of Magic ╳ Kuroshitsuji i | ii╳ Death Note ╳ Ouran High School Host Club ╳ Kimi ni TodokeHomestuckNoragami ╳ Tokyo Ghoul ╳ Beyblade: Metal FusionNaruto | Naruto ShippudenDengeki DaisyHetaliaBleach

╳ Movies/TV
Brooklyn 99 ╳ Mission Impossible Series ╳ The Breakfast Club╳ Jurassic Park SeriesBonesWhite CollarLie to Me* ╳ Red vs. Blue ╳ House, M.DThe BlacklistCriminal MindsSherlock BBCMerlin BBCSupernatural ╳ Castle ╳ Inception ╳ Star Trek: Reboot ╳ World War Z ╳ SuitsRise of the Guardians ╳ The Untouchables ╳ The Godfather ╳ Orange is the New Black ╳ Gattica ╳ The Matrix Series ╳ Collateral ╳ Blood Diamond ╳ Cars ╳ The Incredibles ╳ Ratatouille ╳ Brave ╳ Ice Age ╳ Meet the Robinsons ╳ Robots ╳ Madagascar ╳ The Princess and the Frog ╳ Up ╳ Chicken Little ╳ Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs ╳

╳ Books
╳ Room ╳ The Long Walk ╳ Percy Jackson & The Olympians + Heroes of Olympus ╳ The Hunger Games ╳ I Am Number Four ╳ Harry PotterArtemis Fowl ╳ The Maze Runner ╳ The Giver ╳ The Kane Chronicles ╳ Silverwing ╳ Poppy ╳ The da Vinci Code ╳ Miss. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children ╳ The Fault in our StarsHoles ╳ Flipped ╳ Gone Girl ╳ Sharp Objects ╳ Dark Places ╳ The MartianDivergent

╳ Games
Layton Brothers - Mystery RoomAce Attorney Series ╳ Trauma Centre: Second Opinion ╳ Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones ╳ Super Smash Bros: Brawl ╳ My Forged Wedding | My Forged Wedding: Party ╳ Ghost Trick999 ╳ Animal Crossing: New Leaf ╳ Neko Atsume ╳ Re: Alistair++

╳ YouTubers
FunHausRoosterTeeth/Achievement HunterCryaotic ╳ Danisnotonfire ╳ AmazingPhil ╳ DanAndPhilGamesNigaHigaDavidSoComedy JonTron ╳ Troye Sivan ╳ Tyler Oakley ╳ The Slo Mo GuysCr1TiKaLPewDiePie

╳ Music
Chet FakerGlass Animalsalt-J ╳ Fall out Boy ╳ Arctic MonkeysAlex ClareThe Black Keys ╳ Foster the People ╳

---╳ ongoing--

One for You and One for Me [1/21]
21 types of kisses — how many can a bunch of volleyball losers dish out to you?
╳ Haikyuu!!
╳ Reader x Various
╳ [T] - Mildly inappropriate situations, lime
╳ Fluff, humour, romance
╳ Lunaescence + Ghosts of the Vanguard

Just a Nameless, Stupid Girl [6/15]
How did you end up falling into a triangle of crazy, psychotic purple eyed freaks? Probably because you fell in love with one of them.
╳ Hetalia
╳ Reader x Male!Belarus/'Nikolai Arlovskaya'
╳ [MA] - Adult language, torture, unhealthy behaviour
╳ Angst, Romance
╳ Lunaescence + Ghosts of the Vanguard

1 Week [2/7.5]
He has one week to charm you into devoting the rest of your life to him. Good luck.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Phoenix Wright
╳ [T] - Substance abuse
╳ Romance, angst, fluff
╳ Lunaescence + Ghosts of the Vanguard

The Colour of Regret [5/—]
The ghosts of your past haunt every corner of your life like darkness that will not be extinguished.
╳ Psycho-Pass
╳ Reader x Nobuchika Ginoza
╳ [MA] - Language, adult situations, violence, drugs, rape, self-harm, etc.
╳ Romance, angst
╳ Lunaescence + Ghosts of the Vanguard

Chye Like You a Latte [4/—]
A personal dump for unfinished concepts, storyline-less one-shots, unedited or dead-end work, and my daydreams. (Because there's just too many of them.)
╳ Series
╳ Multi-fandom
╳ Reader inserts
╳ [K-M] - Mildly inappropriate situations/references, mildly inappropriate language, language
╳ Fluff, romance, angst, comedy

You didn't believe him for a second. You'd pursue the bastard until the very end.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Miles Edgeworth
╳ [T] - Language, adult situations, etc.
╳ Romance, angst
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Listen Closely
There's many ways to say "I love you" without actually saying it. One just has to listen closely. Really closely.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Klavier Gavin
╳ [T] - Mildly inappropriate situations/references, mildly inappropriate language
╳ Fluff, romance, angst
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Oh, love. Hard enough on its own — how the hell are you meant to cope with loving Sherlock Holmes?
╳ Sherlock [BBC]
╳ Reader x Sherlock Holmes
╳ [T] - Mildly inappropriate situations
╳ Fluff, humour, romance
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

---╳ on hiatus--

Life suddenly sucks when you get magically handcuffed to a guy you hate for the rest of your life.
╳ Supernatural
╳ Reader x Dean Winchester
╳ [M] - Adult language, lime, mildly sexual situations and references
╳ Romance, fluff, humour.
╳ Can probably return soon, but I still have to write an ending. I have some pre-written chapters but I'm unhappy with them, so I'll need to go through a major editing and planning process. I've lost interest in SPN, so that might be hard, and since the fic isn't getting too much attention it might never happen. Hopefully, then, I can come up with a quick ending that still ties up all the strings.
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Tales of the Wind
He wished he could tell your story like he could tell the story of the Earth — and not how quickly the wind grows and dies.
╳ Series
╳ The Hunger Games
╳ Haymitch Abernathy x Reader
╳ [M] - Adult language, depression, substance abuse, violence
╳ Romance, fluff, angst
╳ Yes, I will be continuing the series, after some revising. There hasn't been much response from the crowd for this, but I still feel as if I should continue more before scrapping it.
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Pregnancy Aboard!
What's worse than getting pregnant?
getting pregnant in space.

╳ Star Trek - Reboot
╳ Jim T. Kirk x Reader
╳ [T] - Adult language, mildly inappropriate situations
╳ Romance, fluff, humour
╳ This is probably where it ends. There's hardly any feedback, and I don't know how to continue or end this, so I'm probably going to leave this where it is.
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

How many different types of people can you have the unfortunate fate to have to tutor?
╳ Haikyuu!!
╳ Reader x Various
╳ [T] - Mildly inappropriate situations
╳ Fluff, humour, romance
╳ I haven't found any inspiration for any other chapters, so I'm probably calling this one done.
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Ah, crap. You got hooked like an idiot on crack — only instead of drugs, he's a psychopath.
╳ White Collar
╳ Reader x Matthew Keller
╳ [MA] - Adult language, lime, adult situations, crude humour
╳ Romance
╳ Little response and such a weak story plot makes me not want to continue this any longer. I might bring Keller back some other time, because I love him, but this one probably won't go on.
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

---╳ completed--

Stray [1/1]
Lovable, mischievous strays. You just can't get to decide.
╳ Haikyuu!!
╳ Reader x Tetsuro Kuroo
╳ [K+] - Guys creeping into beds?
╳ Romance, fluff
╳ 03/09/15

Did You [1/1]
One can only take so many fun facts.
╳ Bones
╳ Reader x Vincent Nigel-Murray
╳ [K] - Kiss scene
╳ Romance, fluff, humour
╳ 03/02/15

Thank You, Doctor [1/1]
Thank you means 'I love you' in brilliant genius.
╳ Bones
╳ Reader x Zack Addy
╳ [T] - Mild inappropriate language
╳ Romance, angst, fluff
╳ 01/21/15

Glimmer [30/30]
Why was being happy so far away from you? Just a glimmer and a glimpse was all you got — you deserved more.
So you thought as you died slowly, withering away in the darkness.

╳ Attack on Titan
╳ Reader x Rivaille
╳ [MA] - Adult language, graphic descriptions, torture
╳ Romance, fluff, angst
╳ 09/01/16
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Eye Contact [1/1]
Blue, black, brown — what colour were his eyes? You'll just have to look closely. Really closely.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Phoenix Wright, re-barred
╳ [K]
╳ Romance, comedy, fluff
╳ 04/10/15
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Dandelion [1/1]
Dandelions suck, and Kise's one of 'em.
╳ Kuroko's Basketball
╳ Reader x Kise Ryouta
╳ [K+]
╳ Romance, comedy, fluff
╳ 20/09/15
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Experiments [1/1]
Unrequited love is merely a failed trial. Fine. It still hurts like hell.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Tsukishima Kei
╳ [T] - Mild language, angst
╳ Romance
╳ 18/09/15
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Drink [1/1]
Black as night and light as day.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Godot
╳ [K+]
╳ Romance
╳ 13/09/15
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

(I don't know what I'm doing.) [1/1]
Somehow, he manages to barely squeeze through law and love.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Phoenix Wright
╳ [K+]
╳ Romance, humour
╳ 11/09/15
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Take Me Back [1/1]
And then I can tell myself; What the hell I'm supposed to do; And then I can tell myself; Not to ride along with you
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Miles Edgeworth
╳ [T] - Suicide
╳ Angst
╳ 21/08/15
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Happy Birthday [1/1]
Santa's got the best gifts.
╳ 999
╳ Reader x Santa
╳ [M] - Language
╳ Romance, fluff
╳ Happy birthday to my favourite, Em!
╳ 19/08/15
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Honesty is the Best Policy [1/1]
Vincent atones for his 'sins' to you. Only 9 though. One of them is bad enough.
╳ Bones
╳ Reader x Vincent Nigel-Murray
╳ [K+] - 'Night of passion' implied.
╳ Romance, fluff
╳ 03/26/15
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Scan Me [1/1]
Christmas cheer from forgotten tears.
╳ The World Ends With You
╳ Reader x Joshua
╳ [T] - Suicidal thoughts, familial death
╳ Romance, angst
╳ Merry Christmas to the lovely Em!
╳ 12/19/14
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Where is He? [1/1]
Where does he go in Turnabout Corner when you visit his room without something to progress? I can tell you.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Hobo!Phoenix Wright
╳ [T] - Lime
╳ Romance
╳ 11/30/14

Pizza Delivery [1/1]
You loved the greasy, fatty treat — but that didn’t mean you were going to start eating it every day. Were you going to start having dates with the blond? Probably not. But you didn’t know if you would totally object to daily pizza, either.
╳ Ace Attorney
╳ Reader x Klavier Gavin
╳ [M] - Sexual references, adult language
╳ Romance
╳ 11/02/14
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Cheers [3/3]
Drink one for sadness, drink two to forget, and drink three for bliss.
╳ White Collar
╳ Reader x Neal Caffrey
╳ [T] - Mildly inappropriate situations, depression
╳ Angst, romance
╳ 08/04/14
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Breeze - Book I [30/30]
His childhood was a warm breeze in summer before the storms of life arrived.
╳ [T] - Self-harm
╳ Fluff
╳ 06/21/14
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

Nepenthe [5/5]
Only wise men fear being god. And he was afraid.
╳ Inception
╳ Reader x Arthur
╳ [T] - Depression, addictive behaviour
╳ Angst, Deathfic
╳ 12/28/13
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

On the Twelve Days of Christmas My Basketball-Nut Gave to Me [12/12]
12 Christmas presents? Yes, please.
╳ Kuroko no Basuke
╳ Reader x Kise Ryouta
╳ [T] - Mildly inappropriate situations
╳ Fluff, Romance
╳ 12/29/13
╳ [GOTVG] only, for now

---╳ lattes--
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