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3/20/2012 Update: Whoaaaaa, I\'m back? Seems like it. Currently working on Supernatural but I\'m also thinking about some short Katekyou Hitman Reborn stories too. Umm. Nothing much else is going on, so just wish me luck with my writing! I feel reallllly rusty, like I\'m not nearly as good as I used to be. I\'m shaking the dust off, slowly. XD

Beware The Bunnys...

-Is 21 years old as of Febuary, 2012
-Is Blonder than she will admit to
-Has a cat named Oscar, who is pretty much fearless
-Is the expert on chicken pox, having had it twice
-Everyone on Luna knows her better than most people on facebook
-Writes on her arms when theres no paper around
-Swears way too much.
-Was late with the \'THATS WHAT SHE SAID\' trend, yet says it all the time now
-Will live in California one day
-Cleans in intervals
-Needs glasses
-HATES spiders
-LOVES asain boys
-and asain babys
-Still trick or treats
-Treasures her library card above all else
-Idolizes Hayley Williams
-Has a slightly unhealthy obsession with shirtlessness
-Loves to write
-Is addicted to Peanut butter Cups
-Would die if she couldn\'t listen to music anymore
-Fails at school
-Can type 60 wpm, due to 5 different typing courses
-Loves food
-Procrastinates more than should be allowed in one person
-Has irrational fear of drowning
-Cannot ride a bike
-Loves her new laptop
-Likes forgein music. Mostly Asain languages, but French, Italian, German and Spanish too
-Is almost obsessed with the color green
-Needs to start writing seriously so as to prove that she is good enough to publish an actual book

Is a fan of:
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Yu Yu Hakusho
Harry Potter
Gundum SEED
Gundam Wing
Devil May Cry
Sky High
The Lord of The Rings
Assassins Creed
Final Fantasy
Vampire Knight
Chrono Crusade
Petshop of Horrors
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Kingdom Hearts
Criminal Minds

Can easily be bribed with:
Castiel the Angel
Anything Yu Yu Hakusho
Anything Harry Potter
Dean Winchester
Spencer Reid
Warren Peace
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