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General Information About Me~

NickName : Jen
Birthday : 25 May 1990
Zodiac : Gemini ; Horse
Height : 5 foot
Medical Conditions : Minor Major Depressive Episodes ; Severe Endometriosis [Had to get my right ovary/tube removed March 5, 2015 due to it being covered so badly] ; Vulvar Vestibulitis ; Interstitial Cystitis ; Slight Impulse Control Issues ; Acid Reflux; Possible IBS; Currently some tendon issues in my right wrist due to injury

Instagram: ElmiDol
Twitter: Elmiredolores

Self-Published Works

Sardonic Suicide
A murder story with a sarcastic undertone. A pretty dark piece.
Kindle and Paperback

Tick-Tock Lies
Growing up, Rosinha Basker had been told the tale of a man that could only be described as paranormal. Her brother, Billie, would tell her that they were no more than stories. After his death, however, Rosinha discovers that the paranormal world is more than just fiction, and there is reason to believe she is being hunted. She may have to rely on that strange man from her brother's stories in order to keep her life.
Kindle; Paperback (temporarily taken off Nook for KDP program; will be replaced in March)

MidNight Falling
The first book in Evaerium. Vivica Muse is unknowingly assisting in the revival of a dark creature that previously threatened to destroy humanity. When she learns what she is doing, she also comes into the knowledge that she, or a loved one, may be able to defeat it.
Available on Nook, Kindle and Physical format

Fan Works

I am only posting certain fanfics on this site. May post more later, not sure.

To view all my fics, go ahead and visit my gotvg account for now.

I also randomly take requests.

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