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Skin: Shinigami_Blue
Name: Euro
Age: Old enough
Nationality: Canadian, Irish, Scottish, German/Prussian
Languages: English and a bit of German. Learning French, Spanish, widening my German

\"Germany \"Hetalia-America \"Hetalia-Romano/Veneziano

C u r r e n t P r o j e c t s :

● Tsundere vs. Tsundere
(Hetalia- ReaderxEngland)
Status: Posted- Writing Chapter 16
Rating: 17+ (May go up)
Summary: Two could play at this game!

H i a t u s :

● Flaws
(Hetalia- ReaderxVarious)
Status: Posted- Considering deletion.
Rating: 13+
Summary: Imperfect is the new perfect...and the world wasn\'t going to let you forget it.

Stories and drabbles to prove that you can and are beautiful in your own skin.

● Late Night Shinanigans
(Hetalia- ReaderxVarious)
Status: Posted- Considering deletion.
Rating: All
Summary: A whole bunch of short stories and drabbles involving you, sexy countries, electronic devices and night.


That sounds dirty.


Flaws and Late Night Shinanigans will be (if deleted) uploaded together in a new series for all of my one-shots/drabbles.


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