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Name: TwistedRocker
Alias: Wakana-chan
Status: Author
Join Date: 08/28/08
Last Logged In: 10/24/12
Skin: Shinigami_HPB
Contact: crazyvmpirechick
About me:
Name: Not really your business but you can call me Wakana-chan
Age: ....I\'ll keep that a mystery
Address: Switches between somewhere in the US and somewhere in Japan
Hair: Dark brown to black
Eyes: ranges from gold brown to Dark brown to Red brown
Gender: female
Ethnicity: Asian but looks white
Likes: writing music, singing, reading, writing, drawing, sweets, anime, Japanese culture, Blood red, black, vampires, random people
Dislikes: steryotypes, abnormally happy people, pink unless it\'s neon, getting sick, bugs, people immediately coming to the conclusion that if you like vampires you are an obsessive Twilight fan
Personality: idk depends on who I\'m with
Around Friends: Happy, hyper, nice, blunt, random, silly
Around adults and in class: quiet, shy, polite, smart, but bored out of my mind
Around people I dislike: cold, blunt, mean, sarcastic
Around family: mean in an older sibling way, lazy, blunt, random
By myself: depressed, loud or quiet, ocassionaly suicidal but not most of the time, dreamy

Favorite Anime (will probably change over time):
Eyeshield 21
Fullmetal Alchemist
Death Note
Ouran High School

Favorite books:
Harry Potter series
House of Night series
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