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*UPDATED 15/12-09*

I should obviously write something here so hiya~ :D

Quick facts;

* I\'m 15, (16 in december which is by the way, TOMORROW!!)
* 5\'9 (176 cm..American way of thinking confuses me sometimes)
* From Sweden (the country is shaped like a dick if you ask me.....:D)
* Brunette with blue eyes :D
* Adores movies, music and smutty stories ofc! XD
* Take insanity, craziness, funniness, randomness, pervyness, some stupidity and denseness = mix \'em all up and voila! you get ME! XDD
* Has a huge obsession with DBSK........
* Total Yunjae / Minsu shipper ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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