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As of 11-09-2013

Since Luna will be closing on Dec.6 (I am still hoping that someone would take over though since I very much love this site), I will still be updating my stories here but will be transferring them to Ghosts of the Vanguard after it closes down.

I will be using the same penname, but not ALL stories will be reposted. Come on... I have more than a hundred stories here. I can\'t repost every single one of them there haha~

I will, however, attempt to finish The Queen and the Pauper and Tiresome before the site closes. Maybe The Royal Tutor too if time permits it.


The Queen and the... Pauper
Magi: Labyrinth of Magic
Reader x Alibaba

The Royal Tutor
Magi: Labyrinth of Magic
Reader x Sinbad

How to Love a Basketball Player
Kuroko no Basuke
Reader x Various

Magi: Labyrinth of Magic
SiblingLove!Reader x Judal and Hinted Reader x Sinbad
Part 28/31
Chapter 29 - I need to look for my draft...

INACTIVE (but still going to be updated) STORIES:

Reader x Giotto

Reader x Izaya Sibling-Twin-Love

Blondie Lives
Reader x Kida Masaomi Sibling-Twin-Love

Fanatical Galleries
SiblingLove!Reader x Heisuke and Reader x Souji
Part 32/?? - posted
Ibuki Arc finished.
attempting to redownload the anime to get new ideas

Out of Control
Sibling!Love Reader x Heiwajima Siblings
Part 6/?? - not yet started

Ten Stages of Love
Reader x Okumura Yukio
Part 10/10 - finishing draft

Little Prodigy
Parental!Itachi x Reader
Part 24/?? - not yet started

Eternal Embrace
Reader x North Italy
Part 3/?? - not yet started

Mission Impossible
Reader x Ronald Knox
Part 2 (Final Chapter) - not yet started

My Highness
Reader x Lelouch
Part 7 - not yet started


First Strike
Tales of Vesperia
Reader x Yuri Lowell
Dropped due to files being stolen (I have to rewrite almost two years worth of writing for this) until I get inspired to rewrite EVERYTHING again.
UPDATE: I will ATTEMPT to re-write this. I feel bad about dropping it since I was very confident with it. I have no idea when I will be able to start it again, and like the first time I wrote this, it will probably be a year or so AFTER RESTARTING before I finish this.


\"Desires\" - Axis Powers Hetalia - ReaderxRussia ONESHOT arranging ideas in my head

“Nobody’s Reason” - Katekyo Hitman Reborn – “You had always been within his reach… Too bad he wasn’t near yours…” Reader x Hibari started

\"Rosa D\'appassimento\" - Code Geass/Code Geass R2 - \"…because everything was destined to wither away… may it be flowers… or people alike…\" Reader x Lelouch

\"Perfezione\" - Katekyo Hitman Reborn - \"He should know that no human would be perfect… not even the self-proclaimed Perfect…\" Reader x Hibari

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