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Who\'re you?

.name: Joy (also previously known as: sesshoumarusmoonbeam/anime_pinaii)
.age: 21
.gender: female
.eternal love: gaara [naruto], yang yoseob [beast]
.forever obsessions: KPOP! [and anything kpop related, more or less]
.what I need more of:
Vampire Knight
Fairy Tail
Seth [Twilight]
Ezio [Assassin\'s Creed]
non-male/male KPOP fics
(more!) reader-insert KPOP fics


So, what\'cha doin\'?
.watching: -
.reading: -
.playing: -
.listening to: Block B, EXO, BEAST, B.A.P


What\'re you writin\'?

.favorite victims:
natsu/gray [fairy tail]
ichijou/akatsuki [vampire knight]
hotaru [samurai deeper kyo]
atobe [prince of tennis]
jacob/seth [twilight]
gaara/kiba [naruto]


.currently working on:
The Good, The Bad, The Dirty
categories: fairy tail, vampire knight
posted: 13/18 chapters
written: 13/18
writing: -

Officially Missing You
category: musicians/musical groups (beast)
posted: 4/6 chapters
written: 5/6
writing: -

Resident Genius [title pending]
category: criminal minds (reid)
posted: 0/? chapters
written: 3/?
writing: -


.to be posted:
Shades of Gray
categories: prince of tennis
chapters: 4/unknown

Resident Genius [title pending]
categories: criminal minds
chapters: 2/unknown

Little Fluffballs
categories: samurai deeper kyo, naruto, prince of tennis,
full metal alchemist, ouran hshc, kingdom hearts, saiyuki
chapters: unknown
note: old work, compiled

Up, Down, Round-and-Round [title pending]
categories: naruto
chapters: unknown
note: old work, compiled

Long Nights
categories: naruto
chapters: 1/unknown

7 Days [title pending]
categories: full metal alchemist
chapters: 4/7

categories: naruto
chapters: 3/unknown
note: old work, compiled

categories: prince of tennis
chapters: 2/unknown

Sixes and Nines [title pending]
categories: naruto, full metal alchemist, yu yu hakusho,
kingdom hearts, ouran hshc
chapters: unknown
note: old work, compiled

Fragments [title pending]
categories: various
chapters: unknown
note: old work (unfinished), compiled


Lookin\' fer me?
.AsianFanfics: moonbeamX - This is for those KPOP fics that I know will break rules on Luna.
.LJ: See ABOVE for link. [I will also post some stories there (esp. KPOP-related and/or rated higher than 13+)~]
.Tumblr: zee-ah-cee-oh - For lovely picspam. OR i-write-storiesandsuch - For fanfics.
.Twitter: rawrBEASTLY - For more ranting and fangirling. ;D


Hey! What\'s up?

I write primarily on my tumblr and AFF now~ Go there if you\'re interested. c: -hearteu-



Some icons/banners/gifs found on my profile are not mine but are hosted on my TinyPic account. They belong to the following (in no particular order):
-YangYo kiss - kpopcorngifs@tumblr
-YS+teddy - Photobucket; kissy YS - panic18@LJ; JunSeob - fashionability@LJ; OT3 DooJunSeob - mine! c:
-Reid icon - carryonmywaywardson@deviantart; MGG banner - everpresentpast@deviantart
-BEAST VIU gif - BEAST-related tumblr (forgot name); Block B wave (minus P.O.) - BB-related tumblr (probably blockbintl)
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