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¤03/7/13 – Suuupppeeerrrr fucking pissed off right now, ‘cause my laptop crashed on me last night and it autosaved the chapter of Shaded Nature I was working on over another chapter I had already completed, and now I lost that fucking chapter. You have no idea how angry I am. I was so proud of the way that chapter turned out, and now I have no way of getting it back, and I haven’t been writing shit out long-hand, and I’m just really super pissed ‘cause it was long and now when I go to re-write it it isn’t going to sound right, I’m gonna hate it, and it’s gonna be short. Fuck
On another note, I’ve gone and updated my WIP, T&G, and Revisions, so go skim over those. I’ve also posted a new fic Shaded Nature in response to Ninja-chan’s Childhood Memories Challenge; it is a prequel to another fic I’m working on titled Betwixt Shade & Element, as well as Elemental Ghost. Elemental Ghost has been revised, currently chapters one-seven have been edited and re-posted, so go check those out. Here are the updates:

Five for Sickness, Six for Death; o7: An Apple’s Prediction added.

Totidem Verbis; oo: Skipping Stones added.

Revise; May 29, 2006 added.

Femme Fatal; Beast added.

Five for Sickness, Six for Death; o8: Hell’s Bells added.

Shaded Nature; Water added.

Now to try and fix that chapter I’m pissed off about so I can go to work pissed off and possibly walk out on my boss. I felt it coming, anyway, so at least I’ll have the mindset when I walk in there.

¤02/14/13 – I haven’t had internet since mid July of 2012, because I wasn’t able to keep up with the bill and I got to about three months behind, and they shut it off. I need about $600 to turn it back on, so for now I’ve been using the internet on my phone, and for $65 a month I can hook it up to my computer and use the internet on my phone with my computer. Not that I can afford that either, but it’s easier to pull off than the $150 I was paying. My hours got cut at work, we’re down to four people in the whole department, and I’m the only one who works my ass off. I have a new department head (because she isn’t certified as admin, she’s only a department head and not my manager) who doesn’t do shit and throws it all on me. So I’m doing my work (of which 30 hours a week got everything done), a full-time HBC clerk’s work (full-time is 40-45 hours a week), and a manager’s work (A 45 hours & over work week, the ordering, the invoices, the reviewing orders, the conference calls, the dealing with every fucking manager in the store, district manager included, the scheduling, etc) all on 15-20 hours, if I’m lucky. And this woman calls out literally EVERY OTHER WEEK for weeks at a time because she sick or whatever (most of it is all bullshit). And she has the fucking balls to talk shit about me behind my back, telling people that she’s gone and when she comes back the place is a mess and nothing’s done. EXCUSE ME, I’M DOING THE JOB OF THREE PEOPLE ON FIFTEEN MOTHERFUCKING HOURS AND I HAVE ONLY TWO PEOPLE, ONE OF WHICH KNOWS A QUARTER OR WHAT I KNOW AND THE OTHER ONE WHO KNOWS NOTHING AND LIKES TO RUN OFF TO TALK TO PEOPLE INSTEAD OF WORK. WTF WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO DO?! And she’s also going around telling people I’m having an affair with a married man because we bitch about work to each other occasionally and we say hi to each other. Yeah. And on top of that, she can’t keep her fucking nose out of my business, and you’d think when I tell her ‘I can’t pay my rent and as of this month I am going to be behind’ she’d give me more hours. I have more seniority than anyone, INCLUDING her, in the department, so by right I should be getting the most hours. Nope! I can’t pay my bills, I can’t pay my rent, and my mother is doing nothing to help and everything to blame me for any little fucking thing that happens. I can’t even get into college because of her right now, because she owes taxes and the IRS won’t send a transcript of her taxes from 2011 and my college wants that because we live together, and because I couldn’t provide it I can’t get financial aid. So because I told my work I went back to school and I didn’t bother to tell them it fell through the first week I went, I now have to find another job. Not that I didn’t have to BEFORE school, but now it’s more imperative than ever. So forgive me if I haven’t been on here. I see your reviews, I see you all asking me to hand off some of my stories or take them down or whatever the case, but you have to understand I have way too much on my plate right now. I AM writing, slowly but surely, I’m getting back into it and I’m making changes here and there when I can. I understand your frustration, I understand the disappointment, so throw me a bone and understand my situation. Just as you have a life to live outside of Luna, so do I. Life gets in the way sometimes. Right now, my priorities are keeping a roof over my head. No roof over my head = no way to write anything because it’ll probably all be packed away getting ruined in a storage somewhere until I miraculously find a way to come up with money for another apartment that I can’t afford. I’m doing all I can to struggle and get by now, and it’s not enough.
I do have some stuff I’ve been working on, however. I finally finished Femme Fatal; don’t like how it turned out, but maybe one day I’ll go back and rewrite it or something. Most likely not, but you never know. I’m adding a prose poem to my I’ve Learned… challenge and I have about a quarter of the prompts planned out and will be starting on them sometime soon. There’s also a new booklet I’m starting for Supernatural dealing with tarot and its spreads, so I’m excited to get going on that after I finish planning everything out. I also added three more new chapters to Precious Moments, have been editing and re-viewing/rewriting The Rose Duelist… You! and I hope to be working on some new chapters soon. I also have two new stories I’ve been working on, one for Saiyuki and a one-shot (that is completed) for a movie called Ten Inch Hero. A lot of this stuff needs to be typed up because I’ve been writing it in a notebook, so I’m gonna have to be doing that soon too. Until I get another job, I have more than enough time on my hands to work on this stuff, and I need to. I’ve been working on what I can, mostly when I’m stressed out and mostly at three, four o’clock in the morning (such as I’m doing now) because I can’t sleep at night because of everything going on in my head. If any of you reading this have made it through my rant, pleading, and updates, then I thank you very kindly and I really hope you understand a bit of the situation I’m in and can respect my wishes and efforts. If not, because you skipped right through or skimmed or whatnot, I kindly suggest you go back and read it through, because it is very important and I really don’t want to blow up on someone. I’ve already done it more than once at work to my managers and my department head, and thank the heavens I’m in a union and can’t be fired, but I’d really hate to do it to people I actually like. Thank you for your time and I hope you all have a wonderful day. Month. Year. (Dunno when I’ll be on again, covering my bases here).
Here’s the updates I’ve posted:

Five for Sickness, Six for Death; o7: An Apple’s Prediction added.

Fairy-Tale Gone Bad; Locked Away added.

Totidem Verbis; 2o:Red added.

Revise; July 13, 2006 added.

Femme Fatal; Beauty added.

Precious Moments; o3: Pure added.

New Poem: Take Me Away added.

New One-Shot: What Makes a Man [Ten Inch Hero] added.


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Works In Progess (Active)

Series: The Secrets We Keep

Even from a young age, you were taught to hide who you were and what you knew. Not all of you may have been the same age, but you all came to learn to hide the truth; Yusuke’s profession and power; the truth behind the one they call ‘Shuichi;’ Kuwabara’s ‘Tickle;’ Hiei’s knowledge about the sibling Yukina yearned to know. But the most damage causing secret of all started right in the heart of your village, in the knowledge your father contained and took with him to his grave… and it all revolves around a single, blood-red pendant. From the beginning to the end, these are The Secrets We Keep.

[Yu Yu Hakusho] |Currently Contains Shaded Nature & Elemental Ghost | Will Contain: Betwixt Shade & Element |

Shaded Nature

[Response to Ninja-chan’s “Childhood Memories” Challenge] Everyone had a beginning, even an Elemental such as yourself. From your origin to your human childhood, these are the memories that will never be erased. This is the history that will carry you through the daunting future that lies ahead.
(Friendship!Reader/Delano(OC)/Yusuke/Keiko/Kurama/Kuwabara) [Prequel to Betwixt Shade & Element and Elemental Ghost]

[Yu Yu Hakusho] |Chapters 01-02 of 30 Posted | Chapters 03-13 Pre-Written | Chapters 14-30 Outlined in Detail| Chapters 03-013 Need to be HTML’d

Betwixt Shade & Element

With childhood behind and only the looming shadow of your future ahead, these are the moments betwixt and between that would distance you from everything you know and impact everything you thought you knew. [Sequel to Shaded Nature; Prequel to Elemental Ghost] (Distant!Friendship!Reader/Yusuke/Keiko/Kurama/Kuwabara)

[Yu Yu Hakusho] |Not Posted | 0 Chapters of 20 Written | Chapters 01-20 Briefly Thought Out | Number of Chapters is Tentative; Possibility to Contain More than 20 |

Elemental Ghost

You, an Elemental, are very rare. And after your father gives you a blood red pendant on your seventeenth birthday, he unknowingly puts your life – and your family’s – in danger. A few months later finds you accidentally killed and your parents slaughtered. But silly, silly you uttered a binding spell to that damned pendant, causing you spirit to be bound to it. When Yusuke receives a blood red pendant from his deceased cousin, he and the others are thrown into a whirlwind of secrets and conspiracies, and revelations that will shock and alter everyone’s lives. (ReaderxKuronue)

[Yu Yu Hakusho] |Prologue & Chapters 01-09 Posted | Total Number of Chapters: ??? | Chapter 10 Outlined; Plot Being Further Outlined and Detailed| Currently in the Process of Being Revised; Chapters 01-07 Are Edited/Revised & Posted; Chapters 08-09 Need to Be Revised |

Precious Moments

[Response to DamnBlackHeart’s “30 Drabbles” Challenge] Good or bad, funny or serious, happy or sad, these are the moments we live for.


[Various] |Chapters 01-02 Posted; Chapters 03-07, 12-14, 16, 18, 29, 30 of 30 Chapters Pre-Written; Chapters 08-11, 15, 17, 19-28 Outlined; Currently Contains Original Works, NARUTO, Rurouni Kenshin, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Fruits Basket, TRIGUN, Supernatural|

Works In Progress (Touch & Go)

I\'ve Learned

Some lessons in life are tougher to learn then others, but they help you to grow all the same. [Various]

[Various] |04 Chapters of 34 Chapters Pre-Written; Currently Contains Saiyuki Boys (Saiyuki), Sanzo (Saiyuki), Kyo Shoma (Fruits Basket), Train Heartnet (Black Cat); Could Possibly Contain NARUTO, Supernatural, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, TRIGUN, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Ouran High School Host Club, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Rurouni Kenshin, The Outsiders, Original Works, The World Ends With You|


Pain, Triumph, Tears

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” “Learning is not child’s play; we cannot learn without pain.” – Aristotle [Various!Friendship, ReaderxDean]

[Supernatural] | Tentative Title & Summary | Not Posted; Chapters 0 of 50 Completed; Chapters 03-05, 07-09, 11-13, 16-19, 22-33, 35, 37, 39-40, 42-44, 47-48 Outlined |

Series: Readings: Ten Spreads

A series of drabblet booklets containing ten different spread used for tarot readings and applying them to Supernatural characters that fit the cards/situations used in each particular spread.

[Supernatural] | Tentative Title | 0 of 10 One-Shots Posted; 1-10 Outlined |

Click here for plot bunnies!♥

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Touch & Go Posted

Five for Sickness, Six for Death

It was a wonder he was still living, really.

[Friendship!Dante x Reader]

[Devil May Cry] |Chapters 01-08 Posted; Chapters 09-17 of ??? Chapters Pre-Written; Chapters 09-17 Need to be HTML’d; 03 Chapters Outlined|

Totidem Verbis
They are not long, the weeping and the laughter,
Love and desire and hate:
I think they have no portion in us after
We pass the gate.
They are not long, the days of wine and roses;
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream– Ernest Dowson

[Various] |47 Chapters of 115 Chapters Pre-Written; 22 of 47 Pre-Written Chapters Posted|

Only Through the Pain

[Response to A-San\'s \"Soundtrack-Fic\" Challenge]

Only Through the Pain could I find a way to learn.

(ReaderxVarious; Mostly sad ficlets, some bittersweet. Also contains Companion-Ficlets to \'Scars\')

[Various] |Chapters 0 1-02 Posted; Chapters 04-05, 09, 11 of 11 Chapters Pre-Written; Chapters 03, 06-08, 10 Outlined; Currently Contains Yu Yu Hakusho, TRIGUN, FullMetal Alchemist, Kingdom Hearts II, Wolf\'s Rain; Will Possibly Contain Devil May Cry, Fruits Basket, NARUTO|

Femme Fatal

She played every part the Damsel, and he every part the Knight, despite the lies she wove that caught him deeper in the web of deceit and destruction.

[Devil May Cry] |Chapters 01-06 Posted; Chapters 07-08 of 08 Chapters Pre-Written; FINISHED|


[Sequel to Capitulate Into Perturbation] A story of love. Love so deep it hurts. Feelings no one could let go. Or understand. And a heart that just can\'t forget.

\"It\'s hard to wait around for something that you know might never happen, but it\'s even harder to give up when you know it\'s everything you want.\"

[Yu-Gi-Oh!] |Chapters 0 1-04 Posted; Chapters 05-08 of 08 Chapters Pre-Written; FINISHED |

Touch & Go Unposted

Down the Rabbit Hole

It was quite obvious that there was no such thing as a “fourth wall” in my life. Really, waking up on the wrong side of the bed in the morning was more than a little overused; waking up on the wrong side of the universe would be the closest thing to the norm for me. [Various]

[Various] |01 Chapter of ??? Chapters Pre-Written; Chapter 02 Outlined; Curently Contains D.gray-man & Supernatural|

It Really Means…

[Response to Lyxari’s “Seven Days” Challenge] “I’m NOT emotional! I’m not OVERREACTING!”


[Reader!Friendship!Sanzo-ikkou] [ReaderxGojyo]

[Saiyuki] |Not Posted; Chapters 01-02 of 07 Completed; Chapter 03 About 50% Done; Chapters 04-07 Outlined|

That\'s What You Get...

[One-Shot]...when you let your heart win. \"The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned.\" - William Somerset Maugham.

[Onesided!ReaderxLavi; Hinted!Onesided!LavixLenaleexKanda] [Spoilers for Chapters 199-205 and the Reverse novels!]

[D.gray-man] |Not Posted; About 60% Complete; Tentative Title & Summary| Currently Stands at 12 Chapters if Made into a Chaptered Fic |

Revisions Posted

Aurora Prism

It’s the last day of school, and then the summer begins. But depending on the choices you make, you could be a party girl or a gaming girl. The part-time Battle City II Commissioner, or simply a participant in the event. Each new path leads you to different actions and genres in fate: action, adventure, suspense, and even romance. Choose alternate paths to outsmart fate or follow the road fate has paved for you. Are you up to the challenge? (ReaderxMarik/Seto/Bakura/Yami/Joey)

[Yu-Gi-Oh!] |Chapters 01-12 Revised & Posted; Chapters 13-26 Need Revision|

The Rose Duelist...You!

[Based off the game The Duelists of the Roses] You are looking up information for your college history project on the ‘Wars of the Roses,’ when all of a sudden, you experience the actual War; choosing sides and meeting the people you least expected…

[08/09/11: Re-Edited Chapter/Page Two; Put links to choices]

[Yu-Gi-Oh!] |Chapters 01-02 Revised & Posted RE-POSTED; Chapters 03-10 Need Revision|

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|Name| Kerri

|Nickname| Ker, K, Bonita, BonBon, K-Money, K-Dawg, KB/KB-Toys, GM, (please don’t ask the people I work with are weird), Kerri One (because I’m the first out of three Kerri’s to be working at my place of employment and the first of two in my department), Kerri² (dubbed as such by the boy that works with me, whenever me and Kerri Two are together), Kerri-Berry-Coco-Puff (and my best friend’s even weirder, don’t ask), K2 (used when I’m with the group of friends that myself and the other Kerri belong to – she was there first, thus I’m K2)

|Age| Twenty-three

|Birthday| June 21

|Current Anime| Got the first two seasons of Yu Yu Hakusho with a gift card, so YYH is what I shall be watching

|Current Manga| None, debating on catching up with NARUTO and possibly starting Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Yu Yu Hakusho

|Current Game| Final Fantasy XII on PS2 | Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox360

|Current Music| My insane mix of EVERYTHING (literally, everything) on iTunes

|Current Movie| Yu Yu Hakusho The Movie: Poltergeist Report

|Current TV Show| Supernatural (again, and again, and again, and… ONE more time for good measure), Anything on Food Network, Angel

|Current Bishie(s)| Dean from SPN, Spike from BtVS & Angel, Angel from BtVS & Angel. ‘Nuff said.

|Current Like| The boy I work with? ♥

|Current Dislike| My life?

|Constant Bishe(s) | (Starting with, and in no particular order [except those with ♥’s next to them are all time faves xD]) Vash♥ (TRIGUN), Dante♥ (DMC), Lavi♥ (DGM), Kanda Yu (DGM), Uchiha Itachi♥ (NARUTO), Genjyo Sanzo♥ (Saiyuki), Axel♥ (KHII), Hayner (KHII), Riku (KHI&II), Balthier♥ (FFXII), Basch♥ (FFXII), Reno♥ (FFVII), Cloud Strife (FFVII), Gene Starwind♥ (Outlaw Star), Irvine (FFVIII), Bartholomew (Bart) Fatima♥ (Xenogears), Sagara Sanosuke♥ (RK), Kuronue♥ (YYH), Youko Kurama♥ (YYH), Kurama (YYH), Urameshi Yusuke♥ (YYH), Duo Maxwell ♥ (GW), Heero Yuy (GW), Seto Kaiba♥ (YGO!), Marik Ishtar♥ (YGO!), Orihara Izaya, Shizuo Heiwajima♥ (DRR!) Dean Winchester♥ (SPN), Shoma Kyo♥ (FB), Kouga (IY), Bankotsu (IY), Leon/Squall Leonheart♥ (FFVIII), Hibari Kyoya♥ (KHR!), Gokudera Hayato (KHR!), Yamamoto Takashi♥ (KHR!), Xanxus♥ (KHR!), Dino Cavallone♥ (KHR!), Rokudo Mukuro (KHR!), Kiryuu Zero♥ (VK), Germany♥ (APH), Greece (APH), Romano♥ (APH), Spain (APH), Kiba (WR), Tsume♥ (WR), Altiar♥ (AC), Minamimoto Sho♥ (TWEWY), Sebastian Michaelis♥ (BB), Bard (BB), Train Heartnet♥ (BC), River Zastory (BC) …does anyone else notice a pattern, especially with the ♥’ed ones? *coughhowthey’realldamagedorunattainableinsomewaycough* Or is it me?
*stares at the list* I really gotta just put my all time favorites *sigh* Maybe another time…

Bontia has been writing since she was about ten years old. Her first writings were poems. Her first story was a short story, that was never finished and is buried somewhere in her closet disingrated into nothing by now with all the moving over the years, but remembered it was loosely based off a Barbie game that had to do with horses that she was obsessed with when younger (The Barbie game; the horses are a constant in her life). Her first fan-fic was a Rurouni Kenshin one, that she has lost all data on found and will most likely not post in her Scraps book if she can get motivated enough to do so, and her first CYOA is \'The Rose Duelist...You!\'


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|Sanzo is tough love.|

Vash is Angst Love

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