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Every time you push me down, you\'re assuring that my rise will be even greater.

My friend drew this♥

It\'s amazing, isn\'t? How so many people say you\'re worth so little, when others are willing to give so much.


Name(s): Colleen. Leena. Coco.
Age: 20. My gosh, I am old. Waaaahhhh~
Hair: Dyed red...looks purple~
Eyes: Brown. Grey with contacts
Gender: My name means girl so I must be a boy.
Sexuality: Straaaaaight as a line
Birthday: September 16

Reads. Chats. Eats chocolate. Sings. A college student with big dreams, high hopes, immovable faith, and powerful emotion. The experimental eldest/middle child. Loves to laugh. Is not looking. Plays video games. Loves Pikachu. Dreams big. Is addicted to her lappie. Afraid of the dark. Manga and Anime addict. Walking dictionary. Hates flies. Loves her Hibari pillow. Breathes music. Obsessed with blue. Writes.

//Indulging in...

Foods: Pocky
Drinks: Boba
Book: The Monstrumologist series
Manga: Naruto. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Ao No Exorcist.


Yamamoto Takeshi. Gokudera Hayato. Hibari Kyouya. Edward Elric. Son Goku. Genjyo Sanzo. Cho Hakkai. Komiyama Yoh. Ren Tao. Kurosaki Ichigo. Mibu Kyoshiro. Belphegor. Konzen. Tenpou. Kenren. Kougaiji. Lelouch. Suzaku. Cloud Strife. Uchiha Sasuke. Sarutobi Sasuke. Kyo. Train Heartnet. Shinrei. Hotaru (Keikoku). Natsu. Gray Fullbuster. Okumura Rin. Uzumaki Naruto. Asakura Yoh.

...because you have no faith in me.

___________________[UPDATES: 11/2]____________________

I am still busy. Unfortunately. I can update on certain days but my main priority is finding a job and getting through this semester. Im still working on my other stories, so no worries. They\'ll just be late, I should say? They will come out, I promise! XD


I, all the more, have faith in myself.

//In the Works:

Okumura Rin|Reader

Strangers, again
Gokudera Hayato|Reader


//Possible [Future] Stories//

Pas De Deux | You and Me - Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
And one spotlight. It was a dance for two; a dance with him and a dance with you.

Disclaimer: I own nothing
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