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I have moved to Ghosts of Vanguard. Currently I am only going to upload That Foxy Maid Series since it hasn\'t been finished. Unless asked I will probably not re-upload Tales of the New Disciplinary Committee or Unseen World. Main reason is because Tales is completed and Unseen has been on a longing fucking hiatus...

Link to profile on Gotvg

UPDATE for That Foxy Maid Series- Since the series only had one story and there needs to be TWO to be considered a series on Luna I have just deleted the series, but it will be back once I update with the new story.

UPDATE For Unseen World: SLOW UPDATES. EXPECT ONE A MONTH. Family health problems has put this story on the back burner... and new plots have pushed this from my mind as well. I really don\'t want to discontinue this story, but for the time being it will be on hiatus. I apologize to everyone, but I do not want to force myself to write a chapter and have it not be my best work but be a subpar chapter with too much plot squeezed in through dialogue. Thank you everyone for the support and patience that has been spent on waiting for this story to end.

Fanart by Fans of Tales of the New Disciplinary Committee

This link is for a drawing of Sakato done by Zecrea. Check it out!

This is a link for another drawing of Sakato done by Kit.

Here\'s another link for some fanart for Tales done by FunkyEatingEagle on deviantart.

Another link for some more Tales fanart done by xChibiDoodles on deviantart. This one features all of the Committee members.

A link to the first fanart of Saigo Akira by Keii.

Here are a few links for pictures of Sakatoxreader, Franxreader, and Akiraxreader by Sweetdango from deviantart!žion=&global=1&q=sweetdango#/d5i4zbvžion=&global=1&q=sweetdango#/d5i4zstžion=&global=1&q=sweetdango#/d5i50ef

Here\'s a link to another Sakato Hijir fanart by ~o0Nicas0o

Another fanart of Akira done by Erie-chan.

Fanart for Unseen World

Here\'s a picture of Tamamo no Mae by ~CaiTheGun-Slinger on deviantart.

Story Status:

Bazooka Failure-Finished

Tales of the New Disciplinary Committee-Finished

Secret Project
7- [10% complete]

Shizuo's Girl-Finished

Murder in Ikebukuro-Second in Shizuo Girl's Stories Series
Bullet 1-[complete]
Bullet 2- [10% complete]

That Foxy Maid Series

That Witty Maid, and that Butler Missing

That Yokai and that Demon Butler
That Kitsune Lost[complete]
That Kitsune and that Butler Fighting[complete]
That Kitsune Learning, That Butler Frustrated [complete]
That Kitsune being Foreign [complete]
That Kitsune and the Queen\'s Letter [complete]
That Kitsune and that Butler Undercover [complete]
That Kitsune and Spring Heeled Jack [complete]
That Kitsune and the Oni [complete]
That Kitsune Feeling Sorrow [60% complete]
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