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Fifteen Random Facts About Me

  • I hate my name.
  • I have ancestors from more European countries then I can count on both hands. Oh, and some Asian countries and of course the two North American countries. Did I also mention that some come from Africa? Yeah, my ancestors basically sexed up every ethnic group they could get their hands on. :D I\'m proud of them for that (or I wouldn\'t be who I am today). I\'m mainly Norweigan, French, (French) Canadian, Polish, and American. Yup yup.
  • I live in the state with the worst weather on the western side. Seriously, it\'s all boring here and it always rains!
  • I sing and dance to the music being played with one of my best friends during Lifetime Fitness.
  • I live off of apple juice.
  • The chicken dance never fails to amuse me.
  • I love random dances.
  • Thirteen is my favorite number.
  • I\'m actually a superhuman ninja.
  • I call them \"galoshes\" instead of \"rain boots\" or \"puddle jumpers.\" Though, I do love puddles and jumping...
  • I can speak a little Italian and French. I can speak English damn well if I do say so myself.
  • I love the cello, but only play piano, flute, and bassoon.
  • I\'m a pervert. Plain and simple.
  • I have twenty-three different nicknames in total. Yep, I counted them ALL.
  • I am younger then most of you probably think.


Date: March 22, 2010
Time: 4:43 PM PST
Listening to: Don\'t Don by Super Junior
Waiting for: This video to load. :3
Loving: Sleep; Durarara!!; Heart no Kuni no Alice; Suju ♥
Hating: Hunger. I want food, but I\'m too lazy to get up and make stuff
Wanting: To learn the It\'s You dance. :D
Plot Bunny: Updating very slowly. Feel free to request anything from an anime/manga/game if you want something. :D
Thoughts: Dear God, so help me. I loved Suju before, but I was introduced to this video and I\'ve been like, \":DDDDD I LOVE YOU GUYS EVEN MORE!!! ♥\" So, yeah. I\'ve been learning the It\'s You dance, but it\'s hard learning without having other people. Super Girl has been on my mind too. I love Henry and Zhou Mi just as much as all the other members. I\'ve gotten my mother to watch EHB, and yeah. It\'s nuts. I love them so much. ;____; COME TO AMERICA. I WILL WATCH ALL YOUR CONCERTS. Especially if they strip on stage again like they did in the one concert clip I saw. ;3 *pervert* I\'ve been procrastinating on a lot of things. Things I\'m working on:

  • Suju fics after I finish my collab
  • Birthday!fics for Lituania and Spain
  • PolandxReaderxGreece fic (inside joke)
  • Updating Apples
  • SealandxReaderxLatvia fic
  • More Hold the Phone
  • Sequels that have been requested.
  • Everything else is currently on hold for a few days until I finish a collab I\'m doing with my friend. I can tell you this: it\'s heavily micronation populated and it\'s almost finished. Kthxbai.


Manga: Black Cat and Pandora Hearts.
Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia
Game: I\'m crushed between Persona 3: FES and Disgaea 2...
Book: The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas; Up
Song: Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns
Band: Mindless Self Indulgence
Food: Macaroni & cheese. (homemade)
Drink: Apple Juice :3
Quote: \"Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time.\" - Jean Cocteau


For alltid
Last Updated: December 1, 2009
Fandom: 07-Ghost
Pairing/s: ReaderxVarious
Completion: 10/160 Chapters
Status: Active; I try to update it whenever they get approved. c:
Challenge?: Yes
Notes: I\'m very pleased I took up this challenge, I\'ve really gotten into it. I\'ve written out up to prompt twenty so far. I\'ll update it soon. Maybe add another fandom.

Last Updated: December 8, 2009
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing/s: very slight!ReaderxAmerica; ReaderxVarious [states in the US]
Completion: 13/50; extra chapters: 1/?
Status: Active; I update this whenever the idea comes to me. Which is usually pretty quick.
Challenge?: No.
Notes: A very random thing that started out as one drabble originally and spanned out more. I\'m glad it\'s well received, though. Thank you to everyone who gave me ideas too. It\'s very much loved. ♥ I\'ll update it soon.

Hold the Phone
Last Updated: February 8, 2010
Fandom: Persona 3; Persona 4
Pairing/s: ReaderxVarious
Completion: 4/? Chapters
Status: Active; I\'ll try to get moving on it.
Challenge?: No.
Notes: Used to be called Beyond Insanity. Just a big ol\' drabble booklet for (almost) every character in two games. Having fun with this collection. :D


Birthdays of the World
Last Updated: February 8, 2010
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing/s: ReaderxVarious
Completion: 2 Chapters
Status: Active; I\'ll update either on or around the character\'s birthday.
Challenge?: Nope.
Notes: Birthday!fics for all the characters in the series. I\'ll do a drabble on their independence day if no birthday is listed. NO ONE SHOULD FEEL LEFT OUT. :D If anyone wants to add birthday!fics to the collection, just ask, and I\'ll make it open.

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