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Well, it\'s been about two years since I first joined Luna, so I think I\'ve officially lost n00b status. (hooray? /arms up) So I figured I should finally get off my ass and fix up this bio.

I was originally going to leave it as is, but I recieved an email not long ago asking about why it was so blank on the details that is Cooky. I was rather surprised, at first; I\'ve never been able to draw in the fangirls on Luna compared to the harem that I had back on Failzilla under the screen name CookysNCreem, but since that place has been going down the crapper since 2009, I figured I should make this backup (for the smut I used to write, of course - \'Zilla did not approve) my actual account from now on.

...Don\'t all go jumping for joy at once, now.

★ australian; one out of the eight of us on here. (is she kidding?)

★ equipped with one fully functional uterus.

★ born into the world on June 25.

★ university freshman. IT SUCKS.

★ studying to be a literature teacher.

★ kick boxing. booyah.

★ drives like a blind old woman.

★ manga > anime.


★ derp.

Maybe one day I\'ll get around to putting a story update section in here, too. ONE DAY THAT ISN\'T TODAY. /trololol

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