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Ive been back for a while yay! Sorry i didnt update sooner.Ive been trying to get my life back on track here in the U.S.Its been crazy.Anyway,I just finished reading the newest issue of Naruto and I must say I am completely blown AWAY! (Spoiler alert!) Itachi MiGHT be alive...Im not saying he is! He MIGHT be.......alright now that thats out of the way,Ill try to update that NaruSasu fic sometime soon*laughs sheepishly* im a HUGE procrastinator.what can I say?

Updated 10/19/09
Alright everyone! I\'m leaving to Mexico for about 2-3 weeks.I will not be able to update my story until I get back. I won\'t have internet access for those weeks,sadly.I shall miss you all! I\'m not looking forward to this trip,because I won\'t be able to see New Moon tomorrow! DX Anyway I hope those that get to see it,enjoy it very much,because I won\'t be able to see all the smexy shirtless men! DX Well bye!

I\'m awesome.What\'s your excuse?

My sister:\"Come on Cookie. I gotta memorize a sentence.\"
VN:\"A sentence? Geez.You make it sound as if you can\'t even memorize one word.\" -.-\'
My sister:\"I meant page! One whole page!\"
VN:\"...........You\'re retarded.\"(Cookie is my mother\'s Teacup Poodle.)

About Me
Name:......Not telling.
Age: Mentally or physically?
Favorite Anime of all time: NARUTO! XD
Other favorite anime: Bleach,Deathnote,Yu-Gi-Oh!,Pokemon,Vampire Knight,Wolf\'s Rain, Trinity Blood,Inuyasha, and some others that I can\'t seem to think of right now.
Favorite Manga: same as Favorite Animes. And Alice 19th,Imadoki,Absolute Boyfriend,A Kiss For My Prince,Bride of the Water God,Punch!,Fall In Love Like A Comic,Chunchu.Some others that I can\'t think of right now.
Other favorite movies: um too many to put on here.*laughs sheepishly* if it has vampires,werewolves,zombies,large abnormal animals (i.e. large snakes,lizards,alligators,spiders,etc.),pirates, dragons,and many many more. And of course all the Naruto movies! XD
Books: Does manga count? :D
Music: Rock/Alternative,Jrock,Jpop,\"Cheddar music\" (what? I\'m Mexican!)....Korean pop and korean rock
Favorite bands: Linkin Park,Tokio Hotel,Three Days Grace,AFI,Thirty Seconds To Mars,Breaking Benjamin,Creature Feature,HIM,Red,P.O.D,Yellow Card,Cicada,Paramore,Flyleaf,Alkaline Trio,The Gazette, Alice Nine,DBSK/TVXQ,The Trax,Big Bang..... can\'t think of any more right now.
Favorite color(s):Black,red,and white
Hated color of all time: PINK! >:O

I\'m also known as mrssabakunogaara on Quizilla!

In the process of writng a Naruto love story,but my phone is being retarded and won\'t let me upload it on here.....Yes I\'m writing my stories using my phone,because I no longer have internet access on my computer. I\'m also writing an original story,I will not tell anyone what it\'s about yet.Until i write out a couple more chapters and review them before typing them up.
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