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We are Lilsoapspudz and Kitsuchan!
(And we\'re awesome)

Stories We\'re Sometimes Working On To Occasionally Update

Title: Cross-dressing for Dummies
Pairing: Reader x Koenma
Rating: 13+
Chapters: 2/? (Chapter 3 0% done because we\'re slackers 50% done because Kitsuchan finally wrote something :D)
Summary: What were you thinking? This couldn\'t possibly work. There was no way dressing up like a man would get you closer to unraveling the mysteries of Spirit World . . . Even though said snooping had already gotten you kicked out as a woman. Thankfully, things couldn\'t get any more complicated than they already were. Right?

Stories That Will Be Coming At Some Point In The Future!

Title: Canon Defilement: Uber Awesome Dramatic Rainbow Fairytale
Series: Yu Yu Hakusho
Pairing(s): Reader X Kurama, Reader X Kuwabara, Reader X Yusuke, Reader X Hiei
Rating: 17+
Summary: Your life kinda sucked. Being a slave to a demon mad eyour life terribad, espcially since you were a super rare goffik half ice-apparition, half rainbow rabbit demon. it wasn\'t all bad though because there was the slight chance you might be rescued at some point in the future by four guys who would of course fall in love with you, but there\'s only one of you and four of them!!!1!!2
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