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Been on kind of an unplanned hiatus which is why nothing has been posted or updated. ; ; Plus I still haven't been able to get out somewhere with decent internet so I can update/download the stuff I lost when they had to repair my computer owing to a nasty virus.

It's so buttkicking cold that I just want to stay under the covers as much as possible. XD Trying to get myself back into writing since I have actually gone the last few weeks without really writing at all (still got ideas of course). DX

Song of the Moment
Ghost in the Shell OST
Psychedelic Soul

Quote of the Moment
Comedy Central Presents: Jimmy Pardo

"This guy is an idiot. He's got his head so far up his ass his body is a hat."

Writing Schedule and Priorities
Writing Days: Monday ~ Friday

Priorities in order:

My Novels
Lacuna Memoria
Deception & Syndetos
The Slow Demise of Dolores Umbridge
Hentai-Mart & Citrus Scented Bleach
All other unfinished chapter fics
One-shots & new ideas
Unfinished booklets

Waiting to be Revised
Revision Days: Saturday and Sunday.

Deception (Reader x Joker) [Chapter Twenty-one]
Lacuna Memoria (Reader x ???) [Chapter Eleven]
Lacuna Memoria (Reader x ???) [Chapter Twelve]
Lacuna Memoria (Reader x ???) [Chapter Thirteen]
The Distant Shore (Reader x Various) [Chapter Twenty-One]
Entangled (Reader x Hiei) [Chapter Two]
Topsy-Turvy (Reader x Jigen) [Chapter Three]
Topsy-Turvy (Reader x Jigen) [Chapter Four]
Night Terrors (Reader x Alucard) [Chapter Four]
Outbreak (Reader x Michelangelo) [Chapter One]
Outbreak (Reader x Michelangelo) [Chapter Two]
Outbreak (Reader x Michelangelo) [Chapter Three]
Reader x Dean Winchester [One-shot]
Reader x Gabriel [One-shot]
Reader x Jareth [One-shot]
Reader x Sasuke Uchiha [One-shot]
Reader x Jiraiya [One-shot]
Hentai-Mart (Reader x Various) [Chapter Eight] {Reader x Zaraki Kenpachi}
Hentai-Mart (Reader x Various) [Chapter Nine] {Reader x Goemon}





About Me
Birthday: August, 19th
Sign: Leo
Year of the: Dragon

Book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Author(s): Conan Doyle, Rick Riordan, & J.K. Rowling
Movie: The Patriot
Manga: One Piece
Anime: One Piece
TV Show(s): Supernatural, True Blood, & Hannibal
Cartoon: Scooby Doo [Old ones]
Band: Pink Floyd
Game(s): Thief Deadly Shadows & Final Fantasy VII

New Addiction: Five Finger Death Punch
Current Obsession(s): Shatter Me [Lindsey Stirling], Lift Me Up [FFDP], Bossa Nova Baby [Elvis], & The Pit [Doctor P & Adam F]
Current Favorites to Sing to: I See Fire [Ed Sheeran] & Suteki da ne [Susan Calloway]

Recently Finished: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon {Stephen King}
Considering: Divergent, Noble Dead, The Stand, Supernatural,

Playing: Far Cry 4 (Addictive), Alien: Isolation (Irksome and creepy), & The Evil Within (Really neat and creepy).
Going to Play: ???
Current MMO: World of Warcraft
Future MMO: Dying Light
Dying For: Prey 2

Last Watched: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) [LOVED IT]
Planning to Watch: Captain America the Winter Soldier
Really Want to See: Mockingjay




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