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Name: Komori
Alias: Kia
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Hi, I'm Komori!

I read, write, beta, draw, cosplay, play d&d, enjoy doing nail designs and many other things.

I have a bunch of stories and possible story ideas floating around in my brain, but these are the ones that have actually made it to the site:

[Updated 6/2/15]

Mistaken Identity



I haven't really been working on this one at all, so an update might be a long shot pending any possible Inuyasha episode binges I might go on.




I've been thinking of possible ways to go with the story, but as of now nothing definite has been written, but it is in my mind.

Kingdom Crossings


I've been trying to update this more and have another chapter that I'm almost finished writing.

On the Strings of a Broken Guitar



I've been doing some writing on this one, and I'm hoping to be done the second chapter soon.

Upcoming Ideas:

I have some writing for another WWYFF in the works, but I'm going to wait until I've updated my other one more before posting the new one.
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