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Name: Chibi / Clarina

Location: Sunny California~!

Sign: Aquarius, Rat | January 29, 1997

Things to do: Read, write, & review ◕‿◕✿

Likes: bubble tea, k-pop, writing, running, making people smile, snuggling, when things go your way, road trips in the winter when everything outside of the car is all snowy and pretty, reading, wongfuproductions, love, talking, exploring, adventures, reading, swimming, diving, summer, laughing, and rainy days ♥

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Naruto Shippuden
Now You See Me
Sherlock / Elementary
Super Junior
Kingdom Hearts
Harry Potter
Hunger Games


Title ; ghosts
Fandom ; katekyo hitman reborn!
Pairing ; yamamoto/tyl!yamamoto x reader.
Rating ; 17+
Chapters ; 25.
Summary ; he watched her fade away.

Title ; the wishing tree
Fandom ; naruto
Pairing ; kiba inuzuka x reader.
Rating ; 13+
Chapters ; 15.
Summary ; once upon a time a wish came true.


Title ; once upon a time
Fandom ; harry potter.
Pairing ; draco malfoy x reader.
Rating ; 13+
Chapters ; oneshot.
Summary ; if this was a fairytale, everything would work out okay. if this was a fairytale, you wouldn\'t have met him at all.



Title ; before you go
Fandom ; katekyo hitman reborn!
Pairing ; tsunayoshi sawada x reader.
Rating ; 13+
Chapters ; 5.
Summary ; nothing is ever as perfect as it seems.


Title ; reverie
Fandom ; hunger games
Pairing ; cato x reader.
Rating ; 13+
Chapters ; 8.
Summary ; \"The trouble is, you think you have time,\" ~ Buddha.
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