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I have never made a bio that I was actually proud of. And I have come to find out that no really reads your bio (unless do to stalkers or boredom).

So out of my boredom and instead of writing a chapter to one of my stories I decided to go ahead a write a better bio.

(Please continue with caution, there are pictures here to distract you)

(Bioware created character AKA \"Hawke\"; picture drawn by sweetfoxy7 on DeviantArt)

Bio Info:

Name: Charlotte
Age: 18
Hometown: Somewhere really dull, trust me....
Interests: History, Video Games, Men, Books, Anime (not as obessed as I used to be), Music, Paranormal, Everything that isn\'t Reality, if I could draw I would, writing.


I\'m not the best writer, nor do I believe my works are all that grand. However I do try and I love to write. I believe grammar is a stupid guideline we have to follow, but that is only because my grammar sucks. With old age I think I\'m losing my creativity and my passion in writing. Yet I find myself continuing. I don\'t think I have many fans on Luna, nevertheless i will continue in updating my stories that I have on here. I have a limited vocabulary and big words don\'t really impress me either.
I love video games and Dragon Age plus Assassin\'s Creed have been my obession of late. I have been working on my Assassin\'s Creed story Fragile Ground more than the rest, because it is the main favorite of another site I\'m on.
I have a goal to become a Historian and move to Italy. That, of course, is a far, far away dream. I hope I keep it, maybe seen on National Geographic or something (a stretch I know).

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