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\"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.\" 
- Benjamin Franklin


What can you call me? PB, PaperBullets, Ayumi, Rion, Rio, Mier, That Author(ess) who never frikin updates homg, Miss. Awesometastic Juice - I don\'t really mind, as long as it\'s not inappropriately explicit. (:
Location: BC, Canada. Shout out to any locals, and my fellow igloo dwellers!
Loves: My parents, my awesome friends, my macbook, the city at night, down-pouring rain, those rare happy moments that make you want to stay there forever, writing, reading, theatre, music, art, witty comments, confusing people, teasing people, sarcasm, wit, breaking out into song, dancing, kids who wear geeky glasses with thick black rims (because some people can pull them off really well wtf), and bundles of other things (:
Loathes: Lack of integrity, dishonesty, arrogance, feigned modesty and generosity, taking advantage of others, people who fake low self-esteem, when the dentist numbs my lip or gums oranything, the cold breeze after a hot shower, people who borrow my things and don\'t give them back, people who borrow my things and return them in a significantly worse condition than before, unjustified opinions and actions based off of poor judgement and ignorance, massive profiles filled with a bunch of \'copy and paste this if you...\' stuff, and a whole lot of other stuff. D:



Story Priority Listing - \"Story\" - Chapter In Progress - (% - percentage completed)
These are the latest statistics correlated from my fanfiction net account as of September 8th, 2013
As always, if you would like to read my latest chapters, you can always find me there ^^

1. \"Because It Defies Logic\" - Chapter 8 - (20%)

2. \"Blood Lust\" - Chapter 12 - (10%)

3. \"Spoiled Kids Next Door\" - Chapter 11 - (10%)

4. \"Girls Got Game\" - Chapter 16 - (8%)

5. \"Paper Hearts\" - Chapter 5 - (10%)

Note: (10%) - means I have the general chapter outline already worked in my head, and I just need to write it.

Coming Soon!
Note: All summaries, pairings and details about the story are subject to change and alternation from this Preview until debut.

Title: The Royal Deception
Category: Vampire Knight (Alternative Universe)
Pairing(s): Zero x OC, (Side: Yuuki x Kaname)
Draft Summary: Crown Prince Zero Kiryuu promised that he would only swear himself to one woman, but the woman he desires the most is the sister and fiancée of Prince Kuran in the neighboring country. Enter a wrongly accused street performer, a frantic city chase, and an impulse wedding trade-off for a bride who wants to elope with her true-love, and our heroinethinks she\'s escaped trouble. Until she is brought to the palace, as a concubine for Prince Kiryuu. You don\'t know trouble until you know kimonos that restrict breathing, dealing with a jealous harem, and dressing up as a male for a few days to train with their royal soldiers, all while trying to keep a secret that you\'re not actually permitted to even be in the Palace. That\'swhat you call a royal deception.
Chances of this story actually being written: 70%

Title: The Inexplicable Complications of Being a Shinigami / lolwut / ICOBAS / To Be Announced
Category: Bleach
Pairing(s): Undecided / None
Draft Summary: You didn\'t want very much in your lifetime: Pass highschool without the stagnant stares of girls who whispered ugly things about you, decent grades, maybe a scholarship to a far off university where you wouldn\'t have to see anyone you knew, and to live life happily. But then you die while on a school trip to Japan. And you\'d think that when you\'re dead, you have significantly less things to worry about, but when the Gotei 13 suddenly tries to make you a Shinigami, and you realize that evil villains with weird names are after you and your soul, you\'re beginning to think that being the shy girl of the class was much easier to deal with than this!
Chances of this story actually being written: 80%

Title: Miles From Normal
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Pairing(s): Undecided / None
Draft Summary: I was hoping to enter Public High school without hassle. Just blend in with the crowd, don\'t attract any bullies and keep it low: can\'t be that hard, right? But it\'s harder than I thought, especially after I attract the attention of a particular tonfa-wielding discipline guard... and the mafia squad he\'s apart of?! To top it all off, a talking baby in a tuxedo wants me to join them?! I knew public school was a bad idea!
Chances of this story actually being written: 60%

I will try to remember to update on this site eventually, but for the fastest & most recent updates, feel free to check out my account. There\'s a link to my profile above in the \'Website\' link, so yerrr. Go give it some love, if that\'s what you\'re into~ (;

. Paper_Bullets




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