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Hey, there. I'm Val. The type of stories I update or post will depend on what I'm in to. For example: if I'm into YYH at the moment, I'll be posting Hiei stories. Simple as that. Don't hesitate to send me a message or hit me up on DA or tumblr. I like making friends. uwu

I'm quite famous, you know~. Famous for being the biggest loser ever. Or at least, I'm sharing the title with others who are also the biggest loser ever.

You there reading this. I know you're one of them. What's up?

I kid, of course.

Currently Working On
-Of Bitter Rivals
-100 Slashes
-Swords, Fists, and Axes

10/16/2015: Alright. I do admit that I've been caring more for my works on then I have here. Maybe it's time for me to make a change. I'm going to start working on the other pieces that are on here! Compared to FF, there's less stories here. Since there are only three, they'll be the ones I'll work on. I hope you are excited for the updates to the above stories! uwu
8/6/2015: I apologize for any fanfics that many have been looking forward to being updated. I've been working on a much bigger project for a small fandom that ends in September. Once that project is done, I'll be doing my best to work on other fanfics!
6/11/2015: I deleted the YGO GX Dating Sim fanfic. It will be coming back after I make personal progress with it. It's pretty outdated and should really be redone. So, I will be. Sorry for those who were waiting for it! It'll take some time. Please be patient.
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