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Hi, I am Alice.

Im not very good at writing this stuff, so Ill just do my best and hope it is good enough.

Anyway, Im pretty weird.
And Im honest and open. I guess that's something.

I spend more time in my own head than in reality.

Ive been a member here for 6 years now. 6 FREAKING YEARS.
It doesn't feel like it, feels like I've only been here 3.
But it is actually 4 years since I posted anything here.

I am so old T.T

And I have cats...

I know where I'm heading.

Stuff about me, if you want to know:
I live in Norway, with my two adorable cats and the love of my life :3
I looooooove everything about movies.
Tv-Series! Supernatural, Penny Dreadful, GoT, Sherlock, Castle, Shameless, Vikings... And it doesn't stop there!
My guilty pleasure is K-Pop, but I mainly listen to Rock and Metal
When Im depressed, I read romantic clichs, fantasy and fairytales, because it takes me away from reality
I love reading books, mostly classics and fantasy. All-time favourites include Brnte-sisters, the Historian, the Lord of the Rings, Chronicle of a Death Untold, Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie.
I dont watch a lot of anime, but I devour every Manga I can get my hands on, although Im not very good at remembering names. Here are some favourites, though; One Piece, Dengeki Daisy, Vampire Knight, Barajou no Kiss, X 1999, Angel Sanctuary and Bitter virgin.
Im also a gamer and you dont want to give me a TD-game or something like Skyrim, WoW, LoL or Assassins Creed, because I love it so much it takes over my life
I want to live in the worlds in my head
I hate liars, honesty is always the best
I get a headache if I have to listen to trance or country music
I have a special place in my heart for symphonic and prog metal.
My favourite foods include, but are not limited to; Italian, Thai, French and American. I love meat. Sorry.



I am still alive.
I write sometimes.
I don't post. Maybe I will one day.
Seriously going to do it if I can finish something up to standard.
Not like the shit already posted here. Ugh.
I let it stay because I need to see how I've improved.
And I tend to forget stuff, so I need it to remember "The Dead World."
The little, grey cells aren't what they used to be.
Still plot on it from time to time tho even if I forget some details.

- Alice -

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