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Definition of Isis

ôNever be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no oneĺs definition of your life, but define yourself.öľHarvey S. Firestone

Isis\'s Goal

Reporta de Progressa

A Note: Should anyone be interested in how my writing schedule/updates are going, please feel free to check out my DA, which is in the link above. I would put updates here but as my profile is so full already, I feel updates would be lost in the whirl of pretty pictures. :chuckles:

7/29/13: I\'ve posted an update on my dA. I\'m still away, but I have decided to post my Voltage Inc fanfiction on tumblr. I have supplied the link to this tumblr in the newest dA entry. It IS me on this account. Do not accuse me of taking my work since, well, I\'m technically posting my own work. Read the journal entry or e-mail me before anyone starts saying someone took my Voltage fanfiction. Any anon hate or flames will be ignored should they accuse me of not being, well, myself. Please, please, please check with me before doing anything. Thank you very much. :bows:

Isis\'s To Do List: In No Particular Order

1) Chapters for Vongolian Fairy Tales [2/5 (So Far) Completed]
Current Status: Writing Up Part I of the Next Fairytale

2) Ficlets for Eternity of the Soul [42/115 Completed]
Current Status: Writing Prompt 43

3) Chapters for No Life King [5/10 Completed]
Current Status: Writing Chapter 6

4) Chapters for The Locket [6/?] Completed
Current Status: Writing Chapter 7/Organizing final plot plan
Note: Chapters will most likely not be posted until the story is completed in full. I don\'t want to post chapters again and then go into a hiatus and leave people hanging again. This is just to let you know that it is part of my work portfolio. I also mysteriously lost the complete plot plan I had on this so I\'m kinda going back to square one. Unless I find it.

I do not own any of the art or gifs on this page. All credit goes to the artist and/or makers of current gifs and images. Graphics for the top image and the hourglass image belong to Crys-chan.

Upcoming Stories

-Vongolian Fairy Tales
[Status: Writing Part I of Hibari\'s Fairytale]

Note: The flag counter is here just because I\'m curious about where people come from. I\'ll take it down eventually.


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