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Alright! Hello, everyone! I am Kendra, story writer extraordinaire! ...Well, not really. But, I try. I write both fan-fiction and original fiction. Let\'s start with fan-fiction, shall we?

I write fan-fiction mostly for Anime and Manga, but I have a couple stories and what not for other things like Harry Potter and Twilight. The Animes/Mangas I read are pretty well known ones: Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, FMA, Fruits Basket and so on. I do read others such as Hana-Kimi, Chobits, and +Anima, but I don\'t write for those very often.

I am also attempting to write a novel on the Edo period of Japan, but I am still in the research stage. So, if any of my adoring fans (as soon as I get some ^^;;;; ) have any information for me, I would greatly appreciate that. If anyone cares enough to send me a message, I could put up the outline of it so far...I guess ^^;;;

My writing styles vary. There are stories like \"ONWARD! TO THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!\" that make almost no sense and are humor stories. Then, there are funny slash/yaoi stories like \"The Dawn of a New Pairing: HidaLee!\" But, I will be attempting to write more serious things. Also! I will be attempting lots of drabbles/drabble challenges! So, look out! 8D Of course, I\'ll have some blends of comedy and seriousness, like my book.


Hey, look at that! Kendra changed her username! Again! Lol. Yeah, I got bored with the other



Hello AGAIN, everyone. Ya, I\'ve been really struggling to get stuff out. But, school has ended, so more should be coming out. This includes additions to my Death Note stuff, more Bleach stuff, and more LOTR :3. There\'s such a lack of LOTR stories, so I will put forth effort into writing some. :3. K, read on. Thanks.

My Cloud Fic: This doesn\'t have a permanent title yet, but it will! It\'s going to be an Oliver/Percy slash fic!

Last Wish: Two chapters are UP! And I\'m giving this one a rest, just so I can get all of my smut done. As soon as that\'s cleared up, this story will be pumping out chapters like there\'s no tomorrow! ^^

To Live: Chapter 3 up, chapter 4 will clean up our plot :3

When You Give a Detective a Drink: Ah! I\'ve been putting this off, too. I\'ll get this one done ASAP, k?

Drabbles for All!!: 7 drabbles done. I need to put up my Szayel one...but, ya 8D

When the Time Comes: I\'m putting all of my Death Note death fics into a series. I\'m writing Mello\'s and Matt\'s. Takada doesn\'t get one. I hate her with a burning passion O_e

Qualifications: I just posted chapter 2. Aren\'t you all just jumping up and down with joy? You should be 8D

I Mela Lle: The third chapter is half way done. No worries. It\'ll be up soon :3

There are lots of other stories bubbling in the back of my mind as well. But, my dearies, I need some motivation. .___. Contact me, please. It\'s nice to know there are others out there...


XD I\'ve only got two challenges up right now, and they\'re not exactly the best. But, I\'m getting there! I\'ve got an entire notebook of story ideas I can\'t formulate at the moment, so they might become challenges.

As for the challenges I\'m responding to, I\'ve responded to one already. That, of course, being my drabble book. Here are the ones I\'m currently working on:

There\'s more than one way to skin a _insert animal_ by bottledxfairy: I\'m makin\' a RoyXHorse story. Yes, I stole that from the discription...BUT I WANT TO WRITE IT!!! XDDD

L?! The Candy Vampire?! by Byakko-chan: I might not get around to this one, but I hope I can XD

Making the Most of It by KilalaKurosaki: This looks like fun. And, since I\'ve got June, I\'m going to write four reader-insert drabbles for my favorite Death Note bishies. L, Matt, Mello, and Matsuda :3

20 Words of the Day by Lussuria: I WANT TO DO A BOOK OF POKEMON DRABBLES!! ...So, I think I will 8D. And one involving big words!


Okay, warning section. Please don\'t flame me. I know, I\'m not the best writer. And I don\'t write about things everyone likes; I don\'t such a thing exists. Not everyone likes slash, I understand that. Not everyone likes fem-slash, I know that, too! But I do, so I write it! Don\'t read it if you don\'t like it! Thank you.

Now! Disclaimer time! I don\'t own any of the mangas/animes I write about. I do not own any of the characters in them. I\'m not going to make a huge disclaimer, because the concept is simple. If you are looking for a disclaimer, please check out my \"Dawn of a New Pairing: HidaLee!\" ...because I sort of went on a rampage for the disclaimer in that one ^^;;;;


Now, since I am weird and would like some annoying stalker fans, here are some other sites I\'m on!!! 8D

FanFiction.Net: Neji-Teh-Caged-Bi-8D -On this page, I have some other stories I have deemed unworthy of this amazing archive.-

FaceBook: Kendra Pringle -XD You all know you want to add me on FaceBook!-

Twitter: AkanWaOtokonoko -Following me on Twitter is a must! XD-

Freedom Of Speech: Hissha-Ni-Omoshiroi -I\'ll mostly have the same stuff on that site...but, oh well.-

deviantART: Gakou-Ni-Dame-Desu -Since I\'m such a \"wonderful\" artist, you can follow me here XD (I put this here just incase you missed the link above 8D)-

YouTube: SexInAHat -I\'m going to have some blazin\' AMVs on here. Along with some other what not ^^-
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