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7/12/2010: Still working on getting my older chapters of \"I Thought I Didn\'t Know You\" posted up. My Kaiba fic is current on my website...I had to upload one story at a time apparently from the way I read the rules or something... I\'m also currently working on a Kyouya X You (OC) Ouran High School Host Club challenge as well. I\'m able to post these on my site immediately, but I have to wait for Lunaescence. Just so you know why it\'s taking so long for new material.


Hey there! Some of you here on Lunaescence already know me and I recently found this place -- it\'s good to have a home for fanfics again!

Speaking of which, I\'ve been really busy, and I do fanfiction in my free time (which hasn\'t accounted for much lately), but I am determined to finish the ones I have started and release the numerous ideas I have. ^_^

Currently, I am in a community counseling program...and hate it. I\'m working on getting into a clinical psychology program and I would like to specialize in health psychology. Since I HATE my current program so much because I don\'t align theoretically with it, I have been really accepting of fanfiction distraction.

I\'m primarily a You X Whoever writer, for many personal reasons. I prefer to give \"you\" a name though, because I find the insertion blanks off-putting when I yeah. Not to have that come off negative to authors who use them, but it\'s my eccentric preference, I guess. Of course I still read authors who use them -- some authors just write so well I\'m able to ignore it! ^_^

Fandoms I currently write for are...just Yu-Gi-Oh! (not GX or 5D\'s...they just don\'t catch my interest, sorry). I\'d like to write for Sonic the Hedgehog (the television show from 1993, ^_^). I started a fanfic for this...but I need to plan it out more to my liking, if I ever get around to it. I\'d also like to try my hand at some Ouran High School Host Club -- at least a You X Kyouya story. He\'s so underappreciated!

Also, for whatever reason I can\'t formulate into words...I EXTREMELY DISLIKE cross-over fics. Maybe because most people to do crack cross-over fics...and so I haven\'t found well-written, plot-driven ones...? O.o
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