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~*About Me*~

I\'m a long time lover of anime, manga, music, and video games. I\'ve been working hard on my writing and my life, sometimes the two don\'t always cooperate together. Lately I\'ve been hoping to get more attention through my original works and not just my fanfiction. I\'ve taken a long break, but then again, I had much going on. I got pregnant, and recently gave birth to a baby girl. I am now a proud young mummy. I apologize in advance if my updates are horribly slow, I\'m a bad procrastinator, and now I have a little baby to take care of on top of all that. Baby loves to sleep on me, this makes out for an interesting writing session, usually it doesn\'t go well though. Being mummy is not an easy job, but I\'m glad to have that title!

~*About My Writings*~

I\'ve been fictioning for years now. I suppose I go a bit over the top as there\'s always an in depth story line, I think too deep into it perhaps. I always try to keep it simplistic with fair amounts of detailing. I always write fics with OCs, that\'s just who I am. I\'m hoping my writing has matured some since the last time I wrote, with age comes wisdom, or so they say.

Requests are welcome :)


~*My Favorites*~

*Bleach *Chobits *Inuyasha *Naruto *Escaflowne *Sailor Moon *Yu Yu Hakusho *Cowboy Bebop *Samurai Champloo *Wolf’s Rain *G Gundam *Shin Chan *Papillion- Hana to Chou *Trigun *Neo Genesis Evangelion *Death Note *Yu-Gi-Oh *Fuushigi Yugi Series *Haruka Beyond the Stream of Time *Tail of the Moon *Shinobi Life *Nana *Stepping on Roses *Fooly Cooly, FLCL (has a really good soundtrack too)

*Luis Carrol *Ai Yazawa *Yuu Watase *Rinko Ueda *William Shakespeare *Robert Frost *Edgar Allen Poe

-----Video Games-----
*Zelda Series is always number one in my book *Mario Series *Harvest Moon Series *Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10-2 *Rune Factory Series *Left 4 Dead Series *Jade Empire *Fable *Soul Caliber *Sonic *Grand Theft Auto *Halo

*Tool *MGMT *Nine Inch Nails *Green Day *The Pillows *Red Hot Chili Peppers *Alice in Chains *Smashing Pumpkins *Foo Fighters *Sound Garden *Asain Kung Fu Generation *Stance Punks *Stone Temple Pilots *Lady Gaga *Muse *Bush *Nirvana *Blue October *Puddle of Mudd *Ludwig Van Beethoven *Frederic Chopin

\"tinyMummy to a Beautiful Baby Girl\"tiny

\"tinyMy Favorite Heart Stoppers\"tiny



~*Monthly Journal*~

My baby is starting to stay awake more during the day, making it even harder for me to write, manage a household, and take care of a baby all at the same time, ahhh, but some how I still find the time. So far my baby has started to smile at me, which absolutely makes my heart melt. She is advancing in baby milestones, such as makes little baby noises, and reaching for things. She makes all sorts of faces, and is easily entertained, thus making her my source of entertainment. I always bonk my baby\'s head against my chest, I\'m so clumsy DX

Came home with baby June 1st. This tiny life that I created will be entirely dependent on me for food, and everything in between, and as she grows, everything she will know, her memories and the life she leads will all be because of me. Oh the pressure. Still getting used to being a mom, I never thought it would be this hard. The experience is insane, but certainly one of a kind. Sometimes I\'m so happy, sometimes I\'m so sad. motherhood is a raging roller coaster of emotions that never seems to give you a break.

I had my baby at the the end of May, thus starts my new journey as a mom. From here on out, things will be very different. A lot to get used to, new responsibilities and so much more.

~*Works in Progress*~

Title: How to Start a Family with Your Vice Captain [ON HIATUS]
Rating: [13+]
Series: Bleach
Pairings: Renji Abarai X You/OC
Summary: Feel it\'s about time settle down with your Vice Captain? Simply consider these steps and tips in a series that follows a young female shinigami and her success with the given objective. This is the sequel to \"How to Start a Romance with Your Vice Captain\" You/OC X Renji


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