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I decided I\'d spruce up my profile and put a few things (semi-personal) that I find very hilarious.

Funny Moments From My Household~

January 06, 2010 8:25 pm

Sis- (says super fast) Who\'s that guy shaped like Naruto and that other one shaped like Itachi?

Me- (confused) Wait, what? That guy shaped like Naruto? That\'s Pein.

Sis- Oh, what about the one shaped like Itachi, the one guy with the red eyes.

Me- (pauses, then laughs) That\'s Itachi.

Same day 8:29 pm

Sis- You know, Naruto\'s weird. (referring to the extraction process and Kankuro ready to beat the crap out of one of the council members)

Me- Yet you enjoy watching it.

Sis- Yah I know, it\'s just like Twilight.

Me- Did you just say, Naruto is just like, Twilight?

Sis- (nods)

Me- (stares oddly) How?

Sis- It kinda sucks but you just can\'t help but watch it.

Me- (shaking head) Oh wow.


Gotta love you little sibs. XD

You are a Badass Uke!

Other uke admire you, some seme fear you. Despite your sometimes flaming appearance, you can even fool other people into thinking you are seme with your mischievous, manipulative attitude, but when push comes to shove, your true submissive nature emerges. It takes a seme with enough intensity to challenge you and keep you satisfied, and your perfect match, the Don\'t Fuck With Me Seme, knows that all that naughty teasing just means you want the punishment.

Most compatible with: Don\'t Fuck With Me Seme, Chibi Seme

Least compatible with: Sadistic Seme, Romantic Seme

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or find merchandise here.

~Artists + Songs of the Month~
Marukaite Chikyuu by America (1st Hetalia Ending: America Version)
Ft. by Funkist (Fairy Tail\'s 3rd Opening)
Distance by Naruto (Redone for the NARUTO ALL STARS CD)

Favorite Anime Characters (Always~)
Hayato Gokudera* - Anybody that plays with dynamite is ok in my book XD (Gokudera: I don\'t play with dynamite! Idiot.)
Uchiha Sasuke* - He\'s too calm sometimes but he can kick major booty. (Sasuke: Hn)
Takeshi Yamamoto - Keep thinking its a game hun, you seem to fight better that way. XD Love his cluelessness.
Uzumaki Naruto - So many laughs, and I love those eyes.
Hibari Kyoya - He threatens to bite people like I do, it\'s a match made in heaven (Kyoya: Not even close, Herbivore)
Inuzuka Kiba - I love animals, he loves animals, and his dog is just so darn cute. ^.^
Sawada Tsunayoshi - He\'s so adorable, that boy just lives it.
Xanxus - He swears like a sailor, we could be best pals (Xanxus: I don\'t befriend trash)

* I know I\'m not the only one who noticed the similarities between the two of them. ;o

Naruto Corner

Favorite Characters

Naruto Uzumaki

Sasuke Uchiha

Gaara of the Sand

Suigetsu Hōzuki

Itachi Uchiha

Akasuna no Sasori

Naruto Story(ies)
Status: Started
Progress: 2%
Chapters: N/A
Pairings: Hotaru (Original Character) x Various

100 Deeds for Sasuke Uchiha
Status: Started
Progress: 0%
Chapters: N/A
Pairings: Hikaru Kokuten (Original Character) x Sasuke Uchiha
Fairy Tail Corner (Coming Soon!)


Hetalia Corner

Favorite Characters

America Alfred F. Jones

England Arthur Kirkland

China Wang Yao

Russia Ivan Braginski

Germany Ludwig

Japan Honda Kiku

N. Italy Feliciano Vargas

Others: (since they have no actual classifications... I guess)
Greece Heracles Karpusi



Sweden Berwald Oxenstierna

S. Italy Lovino Vargas

Switzerland Vash Zwingli

Hetalia Story(ies)
When We Rewrite History
Status: Started
Progress: 0.1%
Chapters: N/A
Pairing: Surprise

Favorite Authors
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