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For those of you who don\'t know me, hello, I\'m Symphony of Rain, and since I have little to no life, I\'m a frequent updater, though I start school again in September so... There will me else chance that I\'ll post 50 updates in ten days (what happened when BewaretheBunnys and my friend Amanda went to Utah for 10 days and all I had were sixteen hours of band camp to keep me occupied). I also don\'t own that totally awesome icon of Austria, I just raided photobucket.

::Random Facts::
+ I have more K-Pop/J-Pop on my iPod than I do anything else combined.
+ I love band class more than I can communicate.
+ Chemistry is my all-time favorite science class. Expect me to reference it.
+ I have an obsession with photo manipulations
+ Unlike most people, I\'m more coordinated in high-heeled shoes than I am flat-footed.
+ I survived reading \"My Immortal\", acclaimed as the worst FF ever written.
+ Three times.
+ Even if I couldn\'t type coherently for an hour.
+ I have a thing for guys with glasses.
+ I\'ve been writing fanfiction for nearly six years
+ I probably know Harry Potter better than I do myself.
+ Sweets make the world go \'round.
+ Apparently, I can cook.
+ Judgmental people annoy me, but I\'m very judgmental
+ I have a nasty temper
+ The more polite I am, the more extreme my emotions are.
+ I tolerate laziness poorly, even if I myself can be lazy.
+ I\'m obviously a bit of a hypocrite
+ Despite my flaws, everyone says I\'m a really nice person.
+ I update frequently because I can pull a plot out of thin air.

::Write these for me, and I will love you forever::

+ Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) This one is by far the best for me.
+ Verde (Hitman Reborn)
+ Aoba (Ditto)
+ Hibari Kyouya (Ditto again)
+ Longchamp Naito (See previous)
+ Fon (See previous as well)
+ Belphegor (KHR)
+ Ootori Kyouya (Ouran)
+ Squall Leonheart (Final Fantasy VIII)
+ Kadaj (Final Fantasy VII- Advent Children)
+ Reeve Tuesti (Final Fantasy VII- Dirge of Cerberus)
+ Marluxia (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories/ Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days)
+ Austria (Axis Powers Hetalia)
+ Jade Curtiss (Tales of the Abyss)

::Stories in Progress::

17 24 50 Ways
--> Ten Years Later
===> Squalo
===> Kakipi
===> Yamamoto
===> Tuna
===> Basil
===> Dino
===> Hibari

--> Present Day
===> Bel

--> Funeral Wreaths
===> Byakuran
===> Zakuro
===> Daisy

--> Original Vongola Famiglia
===> Giotto
===> Knuckle
===> Lampo
===> Asari Agetsu
===> Demon Spade
===> Alaude

101 Memories

A group of 101 stories for Kakimoto Chikusa aka Kakipi. 30/101

All They\'d Leave Us Were These Whispers in the Night

A collection of stories based on Disney songs.

Things Sacrificed

A collection of eight or nine stories based on fairy tales.

Completed so far:
* Cinderella (Giotto)
* Sleeping Beauty (Yamamoto Takeshi)

The Bloodlust Chronicles

A second collection of 101 stories for, you guessed it, Belphegor. Mainly Bel when he\'s in Bloodlust Mode. 9/101

Shape of the Heart

A third collection of 101 Stories, this time for Gokudera. 22/101

Snowflakes in June

Yet another 101 Collection, based on my own challenge. Contains characters from Durara!!, Hitman Reborn, Harry Potter, Final Fantasy, Trauma Center, and Ouran.
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